Opinion: African-America: The King and The Idiot


So, a young 25-year old black man, Ahmaud Arbery, is jogging in a Georgia neighbouring on a nice warm Sunday morning.

The retired white policeman and his son pick up their rifles, chase Arbery in their pick-up truck and shoot him dead.

The father and son are NOT arrested; the Police Department declares them within their rights to shoot the young black man under Georgia’s laws.

The world hears nothing about this —-, until a certain Lebron James twits that “We are all being hunted”.

The white former policeman and his son are today arrested and charged with the murder of the 25-year old Arbery.

And a Fox News commentator by the name of Jason Whitlock, himself black, calls Lebron James “a shit-stirrer”! I call Whitlock an idiot.

The Greatness of King James

At the age of 64, I thank God for having given me another HERO in my old age. At 18 my God-given HERO was Muhammad Ali, who like James spoke up for what is right even at great risk to himself – just as Lebron James is doing today. Even in the 1990s, the Hackney Empire here in London was including Muhammad Ali in a play called “Black Heroes In The Hall of Fame” … and my school was lining up our pupils for the treat. In 1997 Ali was flying to South Africa – to console the family of the great ANC Leader Chris Hani … and Ali made sure that he went to greet the children of Soweto.

Lebron James has built an amazing school (“I Promise” School) in the Akron ghetto where he grew up and continues to be concerned with the welfare of his people. He also takes a stance on Civil Rights issues such as this – and there in lies Lebron’s greatness. He has also dedicated himself to making 3 or 4 absolutely inspirational videos about discipline, hard-work and success that all parents should show to their children.

The other day I copied an email to editor Pa Nderry Mbai where my daughter Jainaba was getting top praise out of 200 pupils in her year-group for her hard-work.

Jainaba has grown up with Lebron James on our television everyday of the NBA season – I am a basketball fanatic myself. We need heroes like Lebron James, not just to speak up for us to ensure we get our rights, but also to INSPIRE the next generation.

Long Live King James – Inshallah (He is only 35 yrs old).

Dida Halake.

PS: These cocky teenage boys in my daughter’s year group challenged her to “best of five” during lunch break – when she was just peacefully eating her sandwich. Poor, dumb boys.

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