Brikama Fire Truck Got No Water To Put Off Market Fire!


Greetings Pa,

I just learned that the Brikama market is nearly 75 percent burnt down after an inferno. Pa, I heard the Brikama fire truck had no water in the tank and could not fight the fire.

I am shocked that the leadership of the fire department can be so negligent to allow a fire truck without water just standing there while the tax payer money pays their salaries. What is the use of the Gambia fire department?

In the Basse fire they were ineffective carrying out their job. Here again in Brikama they proofed inept. Pa, the media needs to look into the readiness and professionalism of the Gambia F&R Services.

I think this time some heads at the top management of Fire services should roll. I hope you will look into this matter further.

Written by a Concerned Citizen

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