Adama Sarr, widely known as MamaLinguere Sarr, the current Director of Admin at the Social Security, has not graduated from any University. She is also not a master’s holder, as she falsely claimed. 

Mama’s bio goes like this: She is a native of Bakau. She is the daughter of Momodou Sarr, a former teacher and Customs Officer.

Binta Njie is her mum. She a former hotelier. She used to work at Kombo Beach (Novotel) with politician Hamat Bah.

Mama is a Marina International High school graduate. She was an average student.

Mama was in the United Kingdom in the nineties to hustle. She later enrolled in college, but she never graduated. She was accorded home tuition fee because of her residency claims. At the time, once a foreign student claims that he or she was a British subject or had resided in the United Kingdom for three years, he, or she would be qualified for home fee tuition fee. Mama had benefited from that educational category, but she never graduated.

While in the UK, she was staying with her sister Sali Sarr. They used to live in Kilburn. Sali had graduated from University, but Mama hasn’t.

She later moved out and stayed with the two sisters: Adama Manneh and Awa Manneh (Barbados).

Mama later decided to return to The Gambia, where she was assisted by her grandfather Petty Sarr, one of the senior drivers at the Medical Research Council (MRC) to secure a job at the British Bakau based Research Council.  She was hired as a Deputy Human Resource Manager.

Her fake qualifications claims came to light, when the newly hired MRC Director at the time, had asked his staff to produce their academic qualification certificates and degrees to enable fair promotion and overseas studies amongst the staffers. She never returned to work once the request was made.

After her first divorce, Mama Sarr married Ousman Sillah, a Gambian Swedish based in Gothenburg, Sweden. She had a child with one Mr. Habib Gitteh, a former errand boy of the late Baba Jobe. She had a baby boy with Gitteh.

It was ten years go that Mama left Gothenburg, claiming that she was going to the UK to pursue her master’s degree. She had spent two weeks in the UK during that trip.

While in the UK, she was seen at a University in Birmingham, where one of her friends had invited her to help coordinate an event. After her two weeks trip to the UK, she claimed that she had bagged a master’s degree. Sadly, she was able to fool some poorly schooled people.

It would be recalled that her onetime nemesis, now reconciled friend, Fatou Rahman Cooker, had called her out in the past for lying about her educational background. Folks, in Sweden, who knew her well said she is using her past college admission in the UK to claim that she is a master’s degree holder, when she is not.

While Mama was studying in the UK, her friend Fatu Camara was also going to school in Britain.

Mama Sarr is a charming lady and a drama queen. She wants to maintain friends that she could use and manipulate during her endless online battles.

It should be noted that when she could not get along with Fatu Camara, she used Ahmed Gitteh to drum up campaign online so that Fatu wouldn’t get the PR job she was tapped to get at the TRC. She left the Fatu Network amid bitter quarrel with Fatu Camara.

In the wake of their Fatu Network dispute, Gitteh phoned Mama to tell her, what Fatu was saying behind her back. She and Gitteh then became friends and moved to the Gainako Radio.

Mama Sarr can hardly let go. She would visit Marabouts to hurt her opponents.

Her beef with the late Janneh Fatou is public knowledge in Sweden. While Janneh Fatou was in her sickbed, she visited her in hospital. She often claims that Janneh had died in her hands in hospital. She reconciled with Janneh, when she was in her deathbed.

When the change of government happened back in 2016, Mama visited The Gambia. She was on a job hunt. The UDP led government did not hire her. She returned to Sweden with shock and disbelieve.

I can remember Tourism Minister Hamat Bah telephoning her, upon her return to Sweden, and pleaded with her to return home. Bah had assured her that she was going to be hired. Mama’s mum was Hamat’s co-worker at Novotel.

When Manjang’s dispute with his staff became a national thing, she rallied support for Manjang. She was hired because of her support for Manjang online. She was hired with other Manjang online defenders.

Her proclaimed master’s degree was not on file upon her hiring. Perhaps, she might have presented it before Manjang’s departure. Her papers should be thoroughly scrutinize in the interest of justice and fair play.

Mama has a “superkanja” mouth. Once she is comfortable with you, she would tell you everything she knew. Just out of respect, we wouldn’t elaborate on the story about someone’s  step dad, who allegedly beats his wife “Facebooker” last year. True or false, assault in any form should be denounced.

Finally, Mama Sarr had lost her child custody battle with her husband Ousman Sillah.  A Gothenburg court has ruled in favour of Ousman Sillah, who is a top manager at a Volvo car factory in Sweden. The court had denied Mama’s request to have equal share or access to Mr. Sillah’s property as well.

In a court deposition filed in English, Mama Sarr contends that if Mr. Sillah is allowed to have total access to the property, he might bring other women there. But the court wouldn’t entertain her claims. Her claim was dismissed. She has been barred from entering that property.

Despite her hostile relationship with her former husband, Mr. Sillah. Sillah is feeding and taking care of the kids including her first born child.

Mama Sarr secured her Swedish Citizenship recently. It took her years before she could get that Swedish passport. There is more to the story, but we will reserve our comments for now.

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