Week before it was a picture of a house am renting and claims that my work renovated it, I thought that was low but apparently that does not even compare to how nasty you would go. You included innocent people in that story that really did not deserve this. Then it was the car am driving, guess all Directors can get a loan but I can’t even though I had successfully completed my probation and my appointment was confirmed. Today it’s my qualifications, again things that are easily verified because it is in my file and in the records in other institutions I worked for. Then it dawned on me, this was not about getting facts, this was about continuing the fight post Manjang with all the nastiness and hate.














I realize that every time I scrutinize any spending and say no to excesses I will be targeted. I realize that every time my department writes to anyone demanding payment of loans due to the corporation I will be targeted. I realize every time I reject the misuse of funds and insist on cost saving that I will be making enemies. I also accept that every time I insist on standards, on performance, on respect and discipline in the workplace that I will be targeted, but this is my job. This is what am being paid to do. It would have been interesting if they posted letters to them demanding they pay back loans they refuse to pay or publish letters asking them to account for their work but they won’t because that doesn’t suit them. I am responsible for all staff and that’s not a responsibility I take lightly, I have to ensure their safety and wellbeing at work and I know whenever someone is disciplined for breaking the rules, they will come after me but we can not accept lawlessness and an institution that is ungovernable. Again it’s my job. They won’t tell you about the positive changes nor the performance driven culture being instituted, again because it doesn’t suit their narrative.

What does not break you will only make you stronger and thus it’s onwards for me and those at work determined to work as a team and make a positive difference for our stakeholders. There really has to come a point when you would need to accept that it’s utter cowardice to be in an institution that pays and feeds you and provides you with benefits, and not contribute to it’s development while always undermining efforts to move it forward and on a better financial and cultural footing.












As the first female to ever be appointed as a Director at my work and the youngest director (maa shaa allah), much is expected of me and I can’t fail or allow the distractions to get to me because not only do I have a date with history but also an example to set for the many young ladies that look up to me and women like me as a source of inspiration. We are not many in the Corporate world but you best believe we will proudly take our sit at the table and make a positive difference, we will also uplift other ladies to move this Country forward. So onwards, forward and upwards…………

Thank you so much to family and friends reaching out and checking on me, it’s not a pleasant experience but am learning how some of our people work.


Written By MamaLinguere Sarr

Editor’s note: The said post was posted on Mama Sarr’s Facebook page, but she later deleted within ten minutes.

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