Latri Kunda Yirri Nganya/ German Alkaloship Shakeup


Latri Kunda Yirri Nganya/ German  Alkaloship Shakeup

It seems a new dictatorship is in the making where an Imam attempts to impose his own choice of ALKALO to the Community of Latri Kunda Yirri Nganya
Following the sudden passing away of their traditional Town Head Alh AMADOU FAAL in March 2020, one of his sons, SWAEBOU FAAL who assisted him overtime and continued to act as ALKALO to the satisfaction of the community wants to be given chance to succeed his late father.
However, barely 2 weeks after the 40th day-charity of the late ALKALO, the Imam of the central mosque belled the cart lobbying for one PA OMAR FAAL to succeed the demised ALKALO without any traditional due process or getting proper consultation and the right feedbacks from the Town heads of families.
IMAM BASIROU DRAMMEH is said to be campaigning for PA OMAR FAAL (68)
PA OMAR is currently an Ambassador of Large for the BARROW government.
Although his Late dad ALH M. O. FAAL ( a highly respectable figure) who once served as ALKALO due his elderly and influential statue, was subsequently succeeded to the throne by a retired Fire Service Officer Late ALH AMADOU FAAL.
Consequently, since time memorial it is believed that the Akaloship was entirely reserved for the FAALENS, although other families were given chance to the throne overtime.
However, one can safely argue that most people of the community especially the indigenous family heads and a high percentage of the youth & elderly population are in favour of the young SWAEBOU to succeed his father hence his competence in the interest of their community.
History recalls that his Grand father PA GIBOU FAAL was the first ALKALO when LK migrated from the old settlement near Bakau and Old Jeswhang.
PA OMAR FAAL, who is backed by the Imam and the likes of politician OUNDA NYANG of all people, is not popular among the community especially within the youth folk because they remembered him having scores of visa problems with young people from LK in particular and Dippa Kunda, Sere Kunda and other areas.

As for the Imam, they felt that he has no authority to install an ALKALO alone.
They suspect that he has ulterior motives to partner with his candidate to run the community forcefully.

According to reliable sources he has ignored advice from the respected families like the MBADJANENS, the SANKEREHS the NJOBENS,the SAHOS and KEITAS to mention a few, who cautioned him to be careful, neutral and follow due process as he persuades the incumbency.

He bent on using force giving the impression that his candidate is will be the next town head.

The incumbent and the people accused him of engaging into some dirty politics by using YAYA JAMMEH style of one-man show with arrogance underhand brown envelopes.
They say the Imam should stick to his role as a religious head although can play politics but genuinely on a fair playing field as guaranteed by the supreme laws.

During a meeting of which he convened on Friday afternoon May 15 at the central mosque, he chaired the meeting even though the Deputy Mayor of KMC, MR MUSA BAH was present and who is in fact the ward Councillor of LK Central.
The IMAM did not even announce the presence of the Deputy Mayor to the gathering.
He deliberately allowed few people in his camp to the speak without interruption but who ever speaks in oppose of his views and in favour of SWAEBOU, the Saudi trained IMAM BASIROU will interfere by stopping you or cutting off the Mike to the amazement of the attendance.
Is this not arrogance and a mockery to ABC practice of democracy ?

He has use threatening remarks and playing mind games quoting from both the Quran and in some stages from the local government act as well as using the mosque as his territory and advantage which belongs to all. Because at some stages he repeatedly announced that “ this is a mosque ! “ just to frustrate points scored by the other camp.

There was total drama in the mosque as the youths and many elders present will clap when someone speaks in favour of their young candidate.
He even had the audacity to interrupt and correct the short speech of the aspiring SWAEBOU FAAL and his younger brother TAPHA who according to him accused the IMAM of telling people in some quarters before the death of their late father, that he (the Imam ) made a promise to PA OMAR FAAL that he will be the next ALKALO.
They asked if the Imam knew that their father was going to die first.

They also accused him of playing a double role both as Imam and ALKALO, bypassing their father’s position who was calm, soft spoken and considerate to the masses he governed.

The meeting at the mosque ended in pandemonium as the public expressed their dissatisfaction in the way matters have been singlehandedly micromanaged by the Imam.

Even PA OMAR FAAL was not given the floor to address the gathering.
Democracy at the grassroots is threatened here, hence both parties were not given chance to sell their manifesto only to see the ugly head of dictatorship.
One can recall that The Imam, himself a young man also succeeded his late dad coming from the admired Drammeh family headed by Imam DODOU DRAMMEH and this was done maturely without a cough from the community.
He is described as undemocratic in this case and his religious preachings and attitude are there to haunt him openly.

Meanwhile SWAEBOU the acting ALKALO and his large camp of supporters have considered to submit a petition to the Local Government authorities through the KMC seeking due process, condemning the Imam’s attitude, even if it worth having an election conducted fairly by an independent body as done in a civilised world.
SWAEBOU described as active and reliable with some lobbying qualities has together with his sibling brother TAPHA, assisted their Late dad shortly before his demised, by leading a forth-night fundraising exercise, within the community, in which a compound was bought to extend the overcrowded town cemetery.
He was named after his uncle Late SWAEBOU CONATEH one of Gambia’s seasoned journalists.

Yes on the other hand his challenger PA OMAR is also described by many as another gentleman, well educated and a diplomat who has every right to throw his hat in the ring but his campaign strategy especially that of the angry IMAM who is in the wrong footing so-called new Gambia.
However it is burnt in mind that LK is one of the oldest settlements that constitutes Gambia’s largest city- Sere Kunda
And they claimed that it is not only about LK Central but it includes consulting wards such as
LK School & Bakadaji Area
LK Medina ie the AFRICELL area

Trust me PA, the LK YIRRI NGANYA ALKALOSHIP shakeup can provoke some party political squabbles or a springboard within the KMC to be grabbed.

From LK German Central Mosque premises.

Editor’s note:  The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your kind attention.


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