The Gambian business tycoon Muhammed Jah and his family have been stranded in the United States for two months because of the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Jah, and his wife Neneh Secka, and three kids are living in their luxurious house in Atlanta, Georgia. The couple arrived in the US two months ago on vacation.

Muhammed Jah is the proprietor of the Q Group Company. He is also the owner of AGIB bank.

Jah and some other Gambians stranded in the United States had in the recent past tried to chatter a flight from the US to the West African nation of The Gambia, but sources said the authorities in Banjul wouldn’t allow private jets to land in the country at this time because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Only flights chattered by governments can fly into the country, our sources added.


” Muhammed Jah and Musa Jeng are neighbors. His house is not far from Musa Jeng’s home. He has a holiday home in the US,” our source added.

The United States had recorded over eighty thousand Coronavirus death cases.

Jah and his wife left Banjul shortly after his wife’s birthday celebration. They have since been living in the US.

“The couple had a holiday home in Atlanta. They are currently stranded in the US because of the Coronavirus lockdown,” said our source.

Jah’s brother Dr. Abubacarr Jah is also stranded in the United Kingdom. He too is unable to return to The Gambia because of the lock down in the UK.

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