Dr Samateh from Zero to Hero


Dr Samateh from Zero to Hero

No responsible leader will blame his failure on his Subordinates especially in the public.

The Hon. Minister Dr Samateh came in the parliament and cry foul of the corruption in his institution. Did he tell us what official action he took and measures to ensure no repeat in his Ministry?

Gambians expected to hear him talk about the situation of the pandemic, update on where we are in preparing over the last two months, are we still on the peak of the Covid-19, What measures needs to be taken to loosen up the State of Public Emergency and continue to observe Social Distance, justifying the need for any extension of the SoPE as the Government’s expert leader of Health Sector.

Dr Samateh chose to talk about corruption in his Ministry which Ieft his leadership capability wide open for criticism and I do not believe that he has done justice to his personnel and as such he failed as a leader.

The parliament is the most precious platform in this country, where Hon.Samateh brand his health workers as untrustworthy forgeting the morale impact of these key workers in this much needed motivational efforts from people and Government for them.

This Donald Trump Style of “Blame Culture”do not help any administration. I believe Dr Samateh should have taken his responsibility and demonstrate leadership for what is proved to be gross-misconduct in the Country’s civil service code of conduct his purview under his directorates but not blaming subordinates and Predecessors.

Mc Cham Jnr

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