As Health Minister Dr. Amadou Lamin Samateh has accused some section of the Health Ministry of corruption, insiders in that Ministry are also fighting back with counter accusations, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Samateh has been accused by insiders of not living up to what he preaches. The insiders had alleged that Samateh is not as clean as he portrays himself. They have called on the Barrow government to investigate the Rotavirus program funds. “The rotavirus program funds. Has Samateh retired his imprest of D500, 000? 58, 000 liters of fuel, which was donated is between Samateh and Mamburay. The donation is not recorded in the books of government; And government is still spending money on fuel,” said the aggrieved insiders.

The insiders also claimed that Samateh is operating his own clinic around the Tabokoto junction, towards the Wellingara Alkalo’s home. They have also accused Samateh of running the Health Ministry like a semi dictator. He had transferred nurses; he couldn’t get along with.

“He has redeployed top nurses from the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital to regional postings. He deployed them to wrong positions. The six nurses who were transferred had queried their redeployment; a panel of distinguished citizens looked into the matter; their report is yet to see the light of day. Why?,” the insiders said.

Samateh has also been accused of using his position as Health Minister to extend personal favors to Dr. Bittaye.

“The AG of Health Services has no administrative background and he has not been formally redeployed. This guy is gynecologist called Dr Bittaye. Deputy CMD appointed without authority; the position does not exist in the scheme of service but Samateh created it so that he can hold on to the position of chief medical director while being Minister at the same time. Samateh still holds our main hospital at ransom and what result does he have to show for it,” they further alleged.

“He has also removed the Program managers and replaced them with doctors,” the insiders claimed. From January only a one-off payment of D5000 each excluding a good chunk of deserving workers, they added.

Dr. Samateh could not be reached for comment, but Health Ministry insiders close to him have denied some of the allegations contained in this report. They said Samateh had always retired his travel imprests. They did not deny that Samateh has his own clinic.

The pro-Samateh insiders have challenged what they called “those making the false allegations to produce material evidence to substantiate their allegations against Samateh.”

The insiders supporting Samateh, have called on the media to be careful about what they called “some of the misleading information being circulated by Samateh’s detractors.

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