Why this Draft Constitution Should be Rejected


The following are more than good enough reasons to reject this draft constitution:

1. Section 260(1) will empower the state to take our traditional family lands from us which is unacceptable;

2. Section 21(a) means any future parliament can pass a bill by a simple majority to introduce birthright citizenship, which is at odds with the global trend and has no reciprocity in the sub-region. A Simple majority in Parliament may not even represent half of the country;

3. Under section 15(3), no need to establish citizenship. It will just be presumed. Citizenship cannot be presumed. It has to be established using the law as a yardstick;

4. I also don’t believe the Supreme Court should be a Court of first instance and at the same time the highest appellate court. This does not guarantee fair trial and it is an affront to the principles of natural justice. The Supreme Court should only be an appellate court;

5. We are better off keeping the 1997 Constitution if issues 1 and 2 are not removed from the draft;

6. CRC thinks they were paid to draft a new constitution purposely to give away our land and citizenship.

Suntu S. Daffeh


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