Our brother Mola Tamba was recently involved a road accident while riding his motorbike in The Gambia.  Tamba had suffered two broken jaws, dislocated left shoulder and wrist, wounded right arm and dislocated right hip during the accident. He  has been discharged from hospital. He is currently at home receiving medication. He is responding to treatment. Tamba is a resident of Switzerland. He has been living in The Gambia, since last year November. Below is a an unedited note we received from Mr. Tamba, explaining the circumstances surrounding his recent accident in The Gambia.


It happened on the 9th. of May, as I was riding from Mamouda back to my home in Kololi around 1 pm. I preferred to use my 600 Yamaha cross bike to be riding up and down from Kololi to Mamouda, Cassa Kunda and Berending, where am developing houses and as well gardens. Because, in Gambia now, the traffic gets so high, especially near the Senegambia, Bijilo, across the coastal road area, up to the airport junction in Yundum.

So after visiting Maumouda village, riding back home, across the Sukuta traffic light junction, past Sukuta, then I turned left towards Brusubi. Somewhere there in the middle, before turn table, I sited a moving car about 100 meters away on the right side of the road, seemingly going to drive onto the road, so I started to press my horn, to alert him to be cautious, but I realized, that, the driver is either ignoring my continued warning horns, so I decided to, swap lanes to the left side of the road to overtake him. That was when the driver made a sudden U. Turn towards me on that left side of the road, where I changed to, to overtake him.

So we collided, and from there, I believe, lost consciousness, and all of a sudden, I saw myself in an ambulance towards the RVTH. I was told later that, I was first taken to the Afrimeds.

I suffered two broken jaws, dislocated left shoulder and wrist, my right arm completely wounded, right hip dislocated as well.

Cause of my right butt hard hit on the hard tar road, dislocating my hip, I still can’t work on my own.

Editors note: Please join us to wish Mr. Tamba a speedy recovery.

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