GDC’s MC Cham Accuses Senegalese forces of invasion


The Senegalese military invasion of Sare Omar, a Gambian village in the Lower River Region is unacceptable and the Government must understand that we are a sovereign nation. We have seen Senegalese forces entering Gambian territory without any due respect for our sovereign nation. Despite joint security agreements signed between the two countries, we must be respected and the foreign security forces cannot enter our territory without any escort from the Gambian security Forces.

The National Assembly had been very dormant in advocating for the security of the country and in addressing Senegalese security to respect our country. The National Assembly Select Committee on Defence should summon the minister of Defence to explain and show them the Joint security agreement signed by the two countries. Gambians don’t know anything about what has been signed and we need to know .

MC Cham Jnr

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