Gay in Gambia? EU’s Ramadan Hand-Grenade!

Statement from EU @EUinTheGambia, 17thMay 2020:

The European Union stands ready to take action to protect human rights defenders. In The Gambia (2019), the EU had to use its Human Rights safeguarding mechanism to save someone whose life was threatened because of his sexual orientation. Such threats have no place in a democratic society … As entrenched in the 1997 Constitution, all Gambians have an equal right to education, employment, health services and political participation. Gay and lesbian Gambians are, first and foremost, Gambians”.


The response from Gambians and Gambian political parties have been unanimous and equally uncompromising:

The Gambia, as a traditional Muslim and Christian country will never allow homosexuality, gay rights and gay marriage in The Gambia”.

This is what the whole of Africa said to President Barrack Obama and Prime Minister Tony Blair some ten years ago when they threatened Africa with the cutting off of development aid if Africa did not embrace gay rights. This infact is also when China jumped in with politically unconditional “development investment” (serious issues for Africa re. China too).

Gay rights in Africa is a non-issue and should remain so. Africa has more important matters of life and death to occupy itself with. Surprising as the EU statement is, it should be ignored … as a non-issue. That was my advice to Jammeh, and he came out with the “we will kill homosexuals” statement which I refused to put in the Daily Observer (but Pa Mbai published it in Freedomnewspaper!)

But Gambians should just ignore this, and not allow our unscrupulous politicians to wind-up people about it.

It is a non-issue.

End of.

Dida Halake.

Editor’s note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your kind attention.

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