Gambia’s newly found democratic gain is under attack! The rehiring of Jammeh’s former enablers, would not help this country, it would rather derail our democratic gains.

On Monday, President Adama Barrow, hired Nuha Touray, a former Jammeh enabler to head the country’s Civil Service. Touray was recently indicted by the Janneh Commission after he was found liable for aiding and abetting dictator Jammeh to steal millions of dollars from The Gambian Treasury.

Instead of executing the findings of the Janneh Commission, Barrow, the clueless and unprincipled Gambian leader, has decided to rehire Touray, who should have been in jail today for his financial crimes against this impoverished tiny West African nation. Barrow is no longer hiding his administration’s financial malpractices. He is now openly showcasing it.

Out of The Gambian population, Barrow is telling us that he couldn’t find a young educated Gambian, who could fill that SG post. We forgot; he needs the likes of Nuha Touray to help him further destroy this country.

It should be noted that Nuha Touray was jailed during Jammeh’s rule on corruption related allegations. He was arrested together with Fafa Sanyang, the current Energy Minister, Sira Wally Ndow Njie, Momodou Badjie, Muntaga Sallah, a current serving official of the Barrow government, businessman Idrissa Jobe and others.

According to the Erpecnews, in the Gambia have filed criminal charges again nine former senior government officials and a local businessman who were arrested some days ago as part of ongoing investigations into alleged corruption at the state-owned Gambia National Petroleum Company (GNPC).”

Touray and co were charged with economic crime. “They both pleaded not guilty at the Banjul Magistrates’ court and were remanded at Mile Two prisons while the case is being transferred to the high court. Meanwhile Touray, Ndow, Badjie, Sanyang, Kanyi, Taal and Mendy have been sacked from their various position in government. The Gambia National Petroleum Company represents the business arm of the Gambia Government within the downstream petroleum sector,” the paper reported.

President Barrow has lowered the prestige of the SEAL of The Gambian Presidency. His open affiliation with Jammeh’s former financial crime enablers is an attack on our country and democracy. Barrow has demonstrated that he lacks conscience, integrity, morality, and respect for the office he has been voted to occupy.

Appointing a man, who has been cited for perpetrating economic crimes against The Gambia and her impoverished taxpayers, goes to show that Barrow has no respect for the Presidency. We do not expect any sane mind to hire someone, who has been indicted by a Commission of inquiry, that was set up by your own government.

It is about time for Gambians to demand for Barrow’s resignation. His misguided actions should not be left unchallenged. A sane President shouldn’t reward former corrupt officials with positions of authority. The Gambia do not deserve such a low-end immoral Presidency.

It is now public knowledge that corruption is Barrow’s recipe to run his administration. The world is being placed on notice about the leadership void in The Gambia.

It was not long ago, that Barrow rehired a former police chief Essa Badjie, who was accused of robbery, theft, and corruption practices during Jammeh’s rule. Badjie was also linked to human rights violations. He had admitted before the TRRC of being a former Jammeh victim and a perpetrator against oppressed Gambians.

Given the dire situation that we found ourselves as a nation, Barrow should have avoided any conduct that would legitimize corruption or human rights abuses.

Corruption is a recipe for instability. Human rights violation is a recipe for instability.

Our donor partners, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, (IMF) the African Development Bank (ADB), the European Union, (EU, had contributed immensely towards sustaining Gambia’s transitional government. The EU had not only financed the deployment of the West African peacekeeping troop called ECOMIG, it had also financed multi-million dollars developmental projects under Barrow’s rule.

It is our understanding that EU is no longer funding the operational mission of the ECOMIG troops in The Gambia. It is being funded by France.

In order  to guarantee a long-term sustainable peace for The Gambia, it is imperative for Barrow to avoid reigniting the negative vices that had landed us into Jammeh’s dictatorship. What is the point of replacing Jammeh, when Barrow is relying on Jammeh’s former enablers to rule the country?

Barrow’s cabinet has been dominated by Jammeh’s former enablers. Here is a breakdown of the list: Finance Minister Mamburay Njie, Foreign Minister Momodou Tangara, Works Minister Bai Lamin Jobe, and Defense Minister Sheikh Omar Faye, Energy Minister Fafa Sanyang.

Barrow’s Finance Minister Mamburay Njie had been cited for corruption by the Janneh Commission. He was indicted for aiding and abetting dictator Jammeh to steal millions of dollars from the state. He was not only cited by the Commission, he was also banned for holding public office for the rest of his life.

Barrow came to his aid and pardoned him. He was pardoned together with Alhagie Ousman Ceesay, Barrow’s Chief Protocol officer.

The corrupt Finance Minister Mamburay Njie recently announced the appointment of Ida Auber, who was appointed, as an Assistant Secretary General in charge of Finance, Administration, and Human Resources at the Organization of African, Caribbean and Pacific States. Mrs. Auber was cited by the Janneh Commission.

“In her new role as the Assistant Secretary-General, Mrs. Auber, who has extensive high-level experience in the civil service of the country, including serving as Secretary to the Cabinet, will be responsible for the core department of the institution,” the Finance Ministry said in a statement.

“She will manage the overall budget and financial activities, oversee the daily operations and running of the Secretariat as well as the effective management of personnel,” the statement added.

Mrs. Auber was the Deputy Director General of Gambia’s National Petroleum Corporation prior to her recent appointment.

With the appointment of Nuha Touray as SG, one is left to conclude that Barrow is apparently encouraging a corrupt workforce in The Gambia. His new hire Nuha Touray, had admitted before the Janneh Commission for having executed Jammeh’s illegal Executive Orders.

It is sad that Adama Barrow is derailing Gambia’s well fought democracy. He has prostituted the SEAL of Gambia’s Presidency, with his embracement of former corrupt Jammeh officials.

We need responsible adults in the State House in Banjul, who could help guide the rookie President Adama Barrow. Gambia keep in mind that the Presidency is not a child play.

Our country needs an upright, honest, sincere, principled and God-fearing President. Unless, Barrow is willing to embrace a government of honesty, justice, and fair play, we have a long way to go in overcoming our current leadership and developmental void.

Adama Barrow is going to be remembered as Gambia’s most indecisive, mediocre, unprincipled, and confused President. Corruption is the order of the day under his rule. He has no idea about what he is doing.

If Gambia’s current governance trajectory doesn’t change, the exiled Gambian dictator Yahya Jammeh, would one day be appointed Vice President under Barrow’s rule. The appointment of Nuha Touray, as SG, is a setback to the 2016 change. Barrow has lost it. He needs help. Please show some respect to your office Mr. Barrow. We rest our case.

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