OPINION: Break the “Yaabaateh”: That EU Campaign is Immoral 


Break the “Yaabaateh”: That EU Campaign is Immoral 

The Gambia is a land of pristine beauty neatly carved into two for a zigzagging river pouring crystal clear water from the Atlantic Ocean. A nation and region of people and places and cultures under Almighty God, pivotal to world events as humanity tethers towards the unknown.

The article was occasioned as response to press reports about the European Union (EU) scheme to manufacture homosexuality in the country. The Gambia, where a closer look unearths centuries old kingships and legacies under the banner of Islamic governorship.

Has the triumphs of fearless warriors as Foday Sillah, Maba Jahou, Sundiata Keita ever reached you?! How about extraordinary stories in Sheikh Omar Futi Tall, Sheikh Amadou (Touba) Bamba, Sheikh Ibrahima Baye Niasse, Sheikh Seedy Lamin, and many such blessings? And what of the rise of Islamic scholarship in later years as, Oustaz Omar Bun Jeng, Oustaz Barra Kanteh, among countless others ‘colossal’ [sic].

It has to be emphasized that Islam has laws and set limits, intertwined into our every day life. Even before the advent of constitutional democracies, Muslim societies throughout Arabia & Africa erred on righteousness, as civility define social relations.

The LGBT thing is “heresy”, unnatural to be exact! Condemned in Islam for an accelerant that ire the wrath of Almighty God. It breeds nothing good, except for destruction – thus, a duty of all of us to educate and protect our children & young people against deviant understandings.

In Surah “Hud” of the Glorious Quran, Almighty God relates the story of the people of Prophet Lut ( Lot) who transgressed far beyond for the very abominable. Punishment came down for their destruction.

The Holy Bible’s position on the subject as far as Christianity is concerned is that “homosexuality is forbidden by God!”(Leviticus). It is a sin in all the Semitic Books – so why would mortal man ever think resourceful enough to change the Word of Almighty God for his barbaric delinquencies?!

Human rights is subjective, even weaponized nowadays. For by choosing to impose such an flawed seed as LGBT issue upon a high cultured people and region as [Sene]Gambia, the EU has overstepped acceptable bounds on protocol. Being directives tied to EU foreign policy and that of the United States does not make it any right, nor might. People need recognize Sub-Saharan Africa is quite unique. And had the ambassador better advised, or cared to trace through time on the country’s historical mat, he might have acted wise.

Making enemies of friendly states only loses you ground to China across Africa. A sensible advice is to take note of an sovereign people charting their own course without outside interference. Contrarian to which you may encroach – and oppress – and violate – country specific laws. The statute the Ambassador was quoted as saying is lame, weakened on account of non-interference in each other’s domestic affairs [Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations].

It is my learned view that democracy only came to administer colonial borders, with it, invent the corruption problem.

The Gambia  government shall not allow nor legislate that which goes contrary go the Lord’s Word in the holy Scriptures, Quran and Bible respectively. Where divergence occurs, be it international accords – divine law shall take precedence!!!

The reaction from the country’s opposition politicians speaks volume: Mai Ahmad Fatty ( GMC) has stressed that, ‘relations with the EU is one of a partnership designed on parity, calling on EU to respect Gambian values.  UDP, through its spokesman also weighed in, ‘calling on the EU to focus on issues of priority for the country, rather than demean the country’s sovereign and cultural rights.’ Similar condemnations came forthwith from GDC, APRC, as well as other political parties on the scene.

The usual channels of cooperation will need to address the unease; EU has to recognise The Gambia is a population highly devoted to one True God – Whose Command in the Glorious Scriptures transcends all other laws and pronouncements. For, whenever etiquettes on social conduct come into conflict with external accords, [Sene]Gambia values always take precedence!!!

The issue of human rights often comes up, but human rights by design is subjective. It is a social construct filled with desires and wish list tick-boxes. You saw the West filled with single women unable to find a man. Surely, the solution is for men to marry more than one wife as eloquently laid down. But Muslims aren’t running around looking to impose will – double standards is the height of hypocrisy.

It is a violation on the conscience of Gambians told to debate what we already knew to be deeply immoral; a deviant corrupted seed to Muslims and Christians alike. I call on the administration to protect a solid moral base in society given trends in the world. While this does NOT necessarily mean religious intrusion into politics, it sure damn well means stepping in to regulate against harm imposing cultures seen to pose a threat to the country’s religious-cultural dynamic.

The Tourism ministry need speed up efforts to attract family-type visitors as with the Jawara Era. For it is vital to address the scourge of loose ‘items’ frequenting the shores of ‘Kololi’ for a bit of this & that: We need learn from Egypt, enforce stringent laws to arrest and prosecute paedophiles feigning on helpless children. Govt and the police are held responsible for failing to prosecute child abusers; Impose mandatory sex-offenders register – be it diplomat, tourist, or resident!

I trust the EU now understood that raising the issue garners anger, offensive to the population. To drape the country’s flag in homosexual colours was provocative for which it knew. Ambassador Lajos ought summoned to the foreign ministry in Banjul to explain.

With this publication, I hereby put government on notice for a population dead set against, with it, amplify the voices of millions of peoples of the region.

Gibril Saine

Editor’s note: The author’s views do not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper. Thanks for your attention.

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