New revelation has emerged in the case of the detained two Gambia Armed Forces soldiers, who were recently accused of stealing the army’s fuel coupons, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The two detained soldiers: Corporal Sarjo Conteh and Lance Corporal Ismaila Saidy Faye, have been detained for over three months. They are yet to be charged or taken to any military tribunal to face justice. Conteh and Saidy have been held at the Fajara barracks.




















Sources reaching us have disputed the army’s original claim that D300,000 dalasis worth of fuel coupons were stolen from the Defense Headquarters. One of the sources familiar with the story claimed that the amount of fuel coupons stolen was D150,000 dalasis and not D300,000.  Such claims couldn’t be independently verified.

Lance Corporal Isamaila Saidy Faye was said to be the soldier, who was accused of stealing the fuel coupons. He conspired with military police officer Sarjo Conteh to sell the stolen fuel coupons.

Saidy Faye used to work under Lt. Colonel Jammeh (Amangkoua) at the army headquarters prior to his arrest.

He had close ties with Colonel Dembo Jarju and Major Cherno Jobe. Jobe used to work at the Navy before he was transferred to the Defense headquarters. He was a procurement officer at the Navy.

Saidy Faye wasn’t operating alone during his fuel coupon theft scheme. He had other collaborators, according to one source, who spoke to us on condition of anonymity.

Lance Corporal Ismaila Saidy Faye is currently building a story building at their family home in Fajikunda. He also owns a green 190 Mercedes Benz.

As stated above, Corporal Sarjo Conteh was Ismaila Saidy Faye’s fuel coupon sales  agent. When Faye stole the fuel coupons, he met with Conteh at a location in Westfield, not far from President Adama Barrow’s “Majum” real estate office. Faye handed the fuel coupons to Conteh and asked him to help sell the coupons for him.

His co accused person, Corporal Sarjo Conteh, had also recruited two civilians to help him sell the fuel coupons. One of them goes with the name “Jordan Manneh of Bakau. We are yet to establish the other civilian’s name.

Corporal Conteh had sold fuel coupons worth D15,000 dalasis to the GNPC station in Bakau. The GNPC sales  agent he first dealt with is one Lamin Tamba. He sold D6,000-dalasi fuel coupon to Tamba for D5,000. Tamba was paid D1,000. D5,000 dalasis worth of fuel coupon kickbacks was given to the GNPC workers in Bakau out of the D15,000 dalasis, Conteh sold at that location.

In Bundung, Conteh, sold D17,000 dalasis fuel coupons to the GNPC station. He was paid D15,000 and the remaining D2,000 dalasi was shared among the sale agents at that GNPC location.

In Brikama, Conteh sold D17,000 dalasis fuel coupons to the GNPC sales agent one Alieu Sowe. He was paid D15,000 dalasis, and Sowe took the remaining D2,000.

In Abuko, Corporal Sarjo Conteh, was said to have sold D40,000 dalasis fuel coupons to the GNPC sales agent. He was paid D36,000 dalasis, and the remaining D4,000 dalasis was taken by the sales agents.

In total, Conteh had sold D121,000 dalasis fuel coupons for Ismaila Saidy Faye. Faye paid him D10,000 dalasis for selling the stolen fuel coupons, sources said.

One of the civilians, Conteh had recruited to help him to sell the stolen fuel coupons was later arrested. The deal had already leaked.

Sarjo Conteh and Ismaila Saidy Faye have been under detention since March. Sources close to Conteh said the soldier had underwent three surgical operations within his 14 years’ service with the Force. The soldier, said our sources, had tried in the past to be included in UN peacekeeping missions, but was never lucky to be included in such missions. Conteh had been struggling to feed his family; hence he decided to conspire with Iamaila Saidy Faye to steal fuel coupons from GAF.

The army command hasn’t pressed any charges against Faye and Conteh. The duos continue to languish in custody at the Fajara barracks.

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