Army Private Samba Kandeh, who claimed that his pistol was stolen by thieves, was scheduled for disciplinary hearing on Friday, Freedom Newspaper can report. Kandeh was escorted to the GAF’s Officers Mess in Kotu, but the officers, who were supposed to preside over his hearing were absent. The only officer present was Major Abdoulie Jobe. Lieutenant Colonel Kuluto Manneh, and Major Omar Oba haven’t showed up during Kandeh’s scheduled hearing.

Samba Kandeh used to work at the State Guard as an outsider.  We have been reliably informed that Kandeh’s Commander Major Omar Oba, was busy on Friday, attending to Nuha Conteh, the soldier, who was recently arrested on drug possession related charges. Conteh was the soldier, who opened fire at the Kalagi police, when he was stopped by the police.

Nuha Conteh was picked from his Fajara barracks cell on Friday and taken to the State House for commander’s orders. Staff Sergeant Samba Jawo of the state guard, Sergeant Manneh, of the 25 intake and one private soldier picked him on Friday.

Kandeh is going to face Sait Njie, the State Guard Commander next week. His fate is going to be decided during his scheduled meeting with Colonel Njie.

In another development, the Kanilai drug case has been referred to the army headquarters. Soldier Lance Corporal Alhagie Nyabally, alias Kankurang, and his co accused person Lance Corporal Amadou Jammeh have been scheduled to appear before an army hearing on Monday at the army headquarters.

Staff Sergeant Omar Ceesay, alias Gaideh, Lieutenant Mams Barry, and one Intelligent Officer (INS Officer) were seen on Friday at the Provo Martial Office at the army headquarters on Friday. The trios had given their statements to the Provo Martial, in regards to the Kanilai two soldiers’ drug case, we have been told

Soldier Alhagie Nyabally and Amadou Jammeh have been instructed to dress in uniform during their Monday hearing. The Provo martial office is opposite the Atlantic hotel.

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