Comrade Madi to Protest US Governor General?!


Comrade Madi to Protest US Governor General?!


The Uprisings in USA cities

Let me start by saying that the African-American people (and their many white supporters) have made themselves proud this past week by ensuring that the brutal televised murder of George Floyd (rip) would not go unanswered. Street Justice has been given to him – even if the legal process may let him down.

By descending into Frantz Fanon’s “hellish zone of non-being out of which a new man will be born”, the African-Americans on the streets as I write are “honestly confronting their brutalized condition in an anti-Black world” – and making sure that America and the whole world will bear witness to the inhuman brutality of the American Law Enforcement that murdered George Floyd (rip) and others. The victim has been raised to heroic status by his people – while the murder Chauvin will forever remain in infamy (an appropriate name for a racial chauvinist).


I agree with Mayor Bottoms of Atlanta when she asks the demonstrators not to burn their own black city … but the fact also remains that it is the series of these “riots” over the decades that have made the rise of the new Black Elite in America possible. Eric Garner and many others were equally brutally killed under a certain President Obama but he neither could, nor would, do anything to bring this brutality to an end. Maybe the young warriors with Molotov cocktails will bring it to an end.


Comrade Madi’s Protest


I read in your paper today that Comrade Madi Jobarteh, the Pan-Africanist and revolutionary Nkrumahist, wants to protest outside the US Embassy. Admirable, and we have just protested outside the US Embassy in London today – for what it is worth.


But in The Gambia? On the periphery of the US Empire? Unrealistic on many levels:-


Firstly, I think the Governor-General will simply instruct President Barrow and the IGP not to allow it.


Secondly, the local elite who depend on their USA-visas to escape to Atlanta, New York, etc away from the rainy season heat and mosquitoes in The Gambia, will instruct the IGP not to allow a demonstration at the Governor General’s Embassy.


Thirdly, our Foreign Minister will most likely suggest that any such demonstration will be best held away from the Embassy (why not at Westfield?).

American Corner to “George Floyd Corner”?

Better still, I would suggest that Madi and Co. simply gather infront of the American Corner and demand that it be re-named “George Floyd Corner” – then at least your demonstration will have achieved something. Why not re-name it themselves while they are demonstrating? That would be something practical in memory of George Floyd (rip).

And to be sure, if the Governor General is serious in his “concern” at police killings in the USA, he should agree, as a genuine gesture towards Civil Rights in the USA, to the re-naming of the American Corner.

US Personnel Immunity In The Gambia

On a related note, I am sure Madi Jobarteh is aware that US personnel, including USAID volunteers have immunity in The Gambia – and in most “Third World” countries. In other words, if a US government employee commits murder in The Gambia today, he/she will not be prosecuted by Gambian law enforcement. That includes a visiting US soldier. If I am wrong I apologise, but Madi should check that up – and if I am right, demonstrate about that (afterall, Madi and Co. made a lot of noise about some French Colonel and under-age sex on the beach … but the Colonel left the country quietly and we have never heard from Madi and Co. about it since.)

Dida Halake.

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