A government cannot be run on the dictates of social media—A Former Foreign Ministry Official Declares


No serious government makes statements in oblivion. Statements emanating from the high office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs must be an informed, concise and substantive statement. It carries weight and it informs foreign policy decisions. It can break or sever diplomatic ties. When the Foreign Minister speaks, the Government of The Gambia speaks. Thus the statement must be of optimal value to the entire citizenry and by extension the diplomatic and consular community.

The National Assembly as an oversight body has an equal yet crucial role to play in steering the affairs of our country. The National Assembly must summon the Foreign Minister if it feels he has failed to act based on credible and circumstantial evidences at their disposal which either the Minister does not have or is in his posession but has failed to act.

A government cannot be run on the dictates of social media.

Written By Melville Robertson Roberts

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