The USA Is In “Deep Shit” And It Is Not Africa’s Problem!


The USA Is In “Deep Shit” And It Is Not Africa’s Problem!


American cities have gone up in flames as young blacks vent their anger at the dehumanisation of African-Americans by the “Democratic US System”. It is the WHOLE system – not just the police. The police are simply guardians of that brutal racist system – and the US elite who benefit from the system, black and white, support the brutal police. The blah blah is simply hypocrisy.
















How ironic it is that in Hong Kong last year the daily demonstrations by thousands shut-down the territory for some six months … and the Communist Chinese Government’s police did NOT kill a single demonstrator. In six months, not a single Hong Kong demonstrator was killed. In the USA the President of the United States has called for people demonstrating against a brutal police killing to be shot … and the USA police have obliged as they aim fire protestors, non-protestors and journalists alike.

Reminds me of the story I like to read to children in class: “The Emperor’s New Clothes” … suddenly even the adults who hypocritically said “what lovely clothes the Emporer has”, have realised what the children know; that the Emperor is naked!

In 1999, Amadou Diallo, an unarmed 22-year old with no criminal record was shot dead by New York Police on his own door-steps – 41 bullets tore his young body to pieces. And that pattern of police brutality has continued unabated over the years – even under the Black President Barrack Obama.

When Lebron James refused to condemn China last year over Hong Kong (taking the Muhammad Ali stance that “what matters is the oppression of my people here in the USA”), Lebron was heavily criticised. Today, both Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick stand vindicated by The Ugly American face shown to the world (The Ugly American is a 1970s book).

On this particular uprising, here is a take by Civil Rights and basketball legend, Kareem Abdul Jabber (my inspiration to school basketball captainship as a teenager in Nairobi).

I also see that Africa’s hypocritical President’s and “Elders” (and “political activists”) are getting hot under the collar about “what is happening to my brothers and sisters in America”. Cut out the hypocrisy, I say. Let America deal with its own shit.

We do not need to demonstrate in Africa about what is going on in America. We have a plank in our eye – and we are complaining about a speck in someone else’s eye? Demonstrate about the millions of Africans going to bed hungry instead – and who depend on the generosity of America and the EU to feed them. Millions of our own people are going to bed hungry – and millions may actually starve because of the locusts in the next year –  and our newspapers and televisions say absolutely nothing about that.

And we are calling for demonstrations against police brutality in the USA?

We are truly pathetic as a people Pa.

Dida Halake.

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