It has come to our knowledge with authentic proofs that Top Government officials with the approval of the Attorney General are engaged in a dubious process of selling Ndebaan Clinic (formerly Jack Faal Hospital) to Mustapha Njie alias Taf, through a surrogate. This follows a recent wave of rehabilitation works reportedly financed by Taf at the cost of GMD 2 million

The land owned by Bakau was disproportionately allocated by the former Local Government Minister Yahya Ceesay and Buba Barry now Chairman of the National Lands Commission, against the objection of the local Kabilo to Jack Fall and his partners. Subsequently, it was forcefully and unlawfully bought from them by the former president.

This land has featured in the Janneh Commission and Bakau needs it back as a communal space.

Taf we are reliably informed is partnering with Dr. Rama Njie and Alpha Barry among others to acquire the huge tract of land which is left of the hospital and the hospital facilities. This is in direct conflict with the demands of the people of Bakau for the entire facility to be returned to them for communal purposes.

Once again we are being sabotaged by our Government from the highest level because there is no transparency in this particular case.

Kudos to Watchcrocodile Bakau


Mustapha Njie

It has come to my attention through a Facebook post authored by L Boy Janneh  citing my name amongst others accusing us of wrong doing in our benevolent gesture to support The Gambia Government’s COVID19 response by rehabilitating Ndeban clinic . The said post which bears no AOTA of truth and is full of inaccuracies and untruths , that I find libellous and slanderous in the extreme. I am putting the author Mr L Boy Janneh on notice to substantiate his allegations with proof within the next 24 hours or face the full consequences of his actions through my lawyers . We must as law abiding and well meaning Gambians respect one another in our quest for a transparent and fair society and speak only the truth and or make allegations with irrefutable proof.

Mustapha Njie

CEO Mustapha Njie


My Honourable names are; Muhammed Lamin Janneh (L Boy Janneh)
Contact: +2203713969
Address: 12 Imam Fansu Street, Bakau.

As you alluded, I’m patiently waiting for your lawyer(s)
Ramou NJIE
L Boy Janneh, You have put out a totally FALSE statement in which you mention my name in connection with Taf and Ndebaan clinic and I would like to set the record straight for those who are not aware:

1. I have ZERO commercial interest in Ndebaan, other than to see it restored so that should we have a surge of COVID-19 cases (as predicted), we can admit them to a separate unit and keep the other hospitals going and COVID-free. China, Italy, France and other countries had so many deaths in part because they mixed COVID and non-COVID patients in the same hospitals, and we are keen to avoid making the same mistakes!

2. I personally contacted Taf, GCCI and other parastatals and asked them to assist in the renovations to speed things up as time was not on our side,  and they duly partnered with the Ministry of Health to get the renovations done. The first part of the work was entirely financed and carried out by the Taf Africa Foundation as part of GCCI. The UNDP and other Govt agencies (Ministry of Works) are also invloved to ensure that the work is completed on time and to a high standard.

3. The Janneh Commission through the Attorney General’s office has handed the Ndebaan clinic to the Minstry of health for use as a community hospital TO BENEFIT THE PEOPLE OF BAKAU!!!! The present cabinet has agreed to the proposal of the current Minister of Health to re-design the hospital, post-COVID, into a  children’s hospital, to benefit primarily the children of Bakau but other children from around the country as well.

4. You reached out to me on FB but clearly do not know me. If you did, or bothered to contact me directly to ask, I would have informed you of the above FACTS. I have ZERO financial interests, full stop. I worked for the UK National Health Service for 20 years in the latter part as a substantive Specialist and Consultant Gastroenterologist & Hepatologist, and subsequent to that, for the World Health Organisation’s Cancer Research Agency for nearly 10 years. My interest in this project and other health institutions around the country (EFSTH, KGH and Bansang) for your information, is to ensure that they are turned into CENTRES OF EXCELLENCE and well-equipped Teaching Hospitals of the University of the Gambia Medical School, in order that Gambia’s perennially weak healthcare system is improved. So that we do not have to travel to Dakar and beyond for every little thing!!!! To do so effectively, the Ministry of Health needs to partner with the private sector and parastatals in order to ensure that the initial investments to bring the facilities I mentioned to world class standards are made. This is all FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE GAMBIAN PEOPLE, and who knows, YOU or members of your family might be the first beneficiaries.

5. Finally, I would urge you, in future, to try and establish FACTS before putting out false statements and slandering innocent individuals who are only trying to improve the health status of our long-suffering people. You should be GRATEFUL that there are people who care enough to do this and not level false accusations. This is very disheartening and a slap in the face for people who are genuinely trying to help.


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