The Chairman of Brikama Area Council Sheriffo Sonko has been ordered to respond to numerous allegations brought against him by the United Democratic Party (UDP) within seven business days, or failure of which, the UDP said, he risked being expelled from the party, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The order was contained in a letter dated June 11th, 2020, and was signed by Lamin Ndambou Dibba, the Senior Administrative Secretary of the UDP.

In a tersely worded letter Mr. Dibba said: “The Central Committee of the United Democratic Party has directed me to forward to you the attached schedule of charges made against you by the West Coast Regional Executive Committee. The charges/allegations can constitute grounds for your expulsion from the party. However, in keeping with good practice, the Central Committee has directed me to request you to advance explanations if any, why you should not be expelled from the party.”


“You must within seven days including the date of receipt of this letter send in your written explanation to the Chairman of the Central Committee, failing which the Committee will resolve to take any decision it deems fit,” Dibba added.

According to Lamin Dibba, Sonko, has refused to recognize, work with, and participate in activities organized by the elected UDP Regional Executive Committee. His refusal, according to Dibba, dates back the election of the Executive Committee.

Sheriffo Sonko, said Dibba, had distanced himself from all UDP programs and activities in the West Coast Region since March 2nd, 2019. He also said Sonko had allegedly refused to attend meetings of the Regional Executive Committee.

“On 6th June 2019, you gave an interview with Kerr Fatou at which interview you stated in very clear terms that you support and will continue to support President Adama Barrow’s political agenda and that you wish to be called SHERIFFO ADAMA BARROW SONKO,” said Lamin Dibba’s letter.

“On 15th June 2019, you refused to attend the Central Committee meeting of the UDP, but on the same day, you attended and addressed the Barrow Fans Club rally at Brikama, at which you called on District Chiefs and other people to support Barrow’s political agenda,” Dibba added.

This is not the first time that the UDP has written to Sheriffo Sonko. The party had earlier expelled Sonko from the party, but it later rescinded the decision. The party was said to have failed to follow the dictates of its own constitution to justify Sonko’s expulsion from the party. Sonko was expelled without being availed with the opportunity to be heard to defend himself.

Below is Lamin Dibba’s letter to Sheriffo Sonko.


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