Momodou Sabally’s recent bashing of the Janneh Commission is causing a division within the United Democratic Party. The party is under pressure to part company with the former Presidential Adviser and Secretary General. Sabally’s comments are not well received within the party, its affiliate supporters, and financiers, we gathered.

It should be noted that the UDP party, under the leadership of Ousainou Darboe, had strong ties with Amie Bensouda, a onetime Lead Counsel at the Janneh Commission.

Mrs. Bensouda’s son Talib Bensouda is the Mayor of the Kanifing Municipal Council (KMC). This young man is being groomed to lead the party. And Sabally’s attacks on the Janneh Commission is angering some “powerful” secret supporters and financiers of the party.

Sabally, a banned former public servant, has been beefing online with Almami Fanding Taal, the UDP spokesman.

The beef between the two, started when Taal criticized an Appeal Court ruling, which faulted the state’s move to sell the assets of Karaffi, who was indicted by the Janneh Commission.

Taal contends that the state reserves the right to sell assets, including dictator Jammeh’s assets. He went as far as saying that the said ruling doesn’t cover the likes of Yahya Jammeh and others. He even called on the state to appeal the court’s ruling.

Sabally, who rejoiced over the court’s ruling, wasn’t happy with Taal’s comments. He took on social media to take a swipe at Taal and the Janneh Commission.

UDP insiders said Sabally is now an agenda within the party’s financiers and leadership. Reports have it that Ousainou Darboe’s hands are tight, but on the same vein, he doesn’t want to yield to calls for Sabally’s repudiation.

Sabally has lately been interacting with the GDC. He occasionally praise Jammeh during his rants. He is a frustrated young man.

He is still a committed UDP supporter. Though, there are forces within and outside the party calling for his removal. They couldn’t withstand his outspokenness and criticism of the Janneh Commission.

Sabally should bear in mind that Darboe’s lawyer friends are in the building. They pull the strings.  Take note….

It was Barrow, who aborted the UDP plans to install a non diverse regime.Sabally joins UDP after realizing that he was not needed by the new Barrow group, mainly former Jammeh supporters and enablers.

Having former Jammeh enablers in the new administration wasn’t part of the UDP statecraft playbook. The party’s fallout with Barrow, had paved the way former Jammeh enablers to make a comeback.

The Janneh Commission was meant to empower the party politically and also to line the pockets of corrupt officials. The rest is history now.

That Commission report has been thrown into the Atlantic ocean. Barrow has no intention of enforcing the report.

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