Well Done Fajara Chambers … But Really Lawyer Musa O.S. Batchilly!


Well Done Fajara Chambers … But Really Lawyer Musa O.S. Batchilly!

Editor Mbai,

The case of young Joseph Dixon is very depressing – but sadly such selfish behaviour towards people whose only intention is to help Gambians is all too common.

This is a young man who came to The Gambia as a school boy aged only 16 (probably in a school group like the one of 40 kids that I once took to The Gambia myself – and some of whom had similarly discomforting experiences).

The aim of such trips by groups of young people is generally educational – and to get a chance to get involved in development work. So young Joseph, aged only 16, decided to sponsor a Gambian child.

Then he gets harassed for money and other stuff over the years by a hustler (a bumster) called Gomez. This all becomes too much for Joseph, now aged 24 and himself a “vulnerable” adult. Joseph still wants to continue sponsoring the Gambian child even today – but he wants the harassment to stop.

Therefore Joseph writes to Lawyer Musa O.S. Batchilly.

The message from Lawyer Musa O.S. Batchilly is that young Joseph should to send up to £4000 (two hundred thousand dalasis) to maintain the family!

Writes Lawyer Musa O.S. Batchilly:

“ … their house needs attention, they need medical attention, food and so on”!

Remember that Joseph was just a 16 year-old school boy who on a trip decided to sponsor a child. He is still only 24 and a “vulnerable adult” and has written to Lawyer Musa O.S. Batchilly in the hope of stopping Gomez from harassing him for money – but Lawyer Musa O.S. Batchilly asks him for up to pounds four thousand! (For the family of course)

Why on earth is young Joseph being asked to be responsible for the family’s “house, medical bill, food and so on” when all he wanted to do was sponsor a child?

Luckily, young Joseph has found a good Lawyer in Ann Rivington, whom I have used once some 22 years ago and know to be an excellent professional. Joseph is now in good hands, but should follow Rivington’s advise in all matters Gambian.

Here is my reference to Joseph’s stories published earlier by Freedomnewspaper:



It is always a good idea to have Ann Rivington’s number (and her modest fees) in your wallet when visiting The Gambia.

Dida Halake.


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