Dear Mr. Mbai,

Grateful for publishing our concerns.  We want to bring to the attention of the authorities to intervene and direct the tour operators to refund all advanced payments made to the travel agencies in the country by the intending pilgrims to perform this year’s hajj and are now finding it difficult to get their monies back.
According to the information released by The Saudi Ministry of Hajj, there will only be a limited number of pilgrims already residing in Saudi Arabia who would be able to perform the hajj in light of the corona pandemic. This information is made available globally to the Musilim Umah. Why then does this government and the Hajj commission in this country still refuse to take the right measures and protect the gullible people who have already paid their deposits and are finding it hard to be refunded?
Other governments in the region had ordered travel operators in their countries not to receive any payment or deposits from intending pilgrims for this year’s hajj based on the advice they got from the Saudi authorities. Telling pilgrims to come and make their deposits now knowing whether there is hajj to be performed for this year while still refusing to refund those who wanted their monies back, is unethical and fraudulent.
It is too risky to allow the private hajj operators to keep the deposits of pilgrims until next year. The uncertainty and rising volatility surrounding the price of the hajj made it imperative to immediately stop these money-lovers from making any more announcement about the hajj. They are not even sure whether they will be around in 2021.
It is for this reasons that we are kindly appealing to the government especially those at the ministry responsible for hajj matters to protect the interest of the gullible pilgrims so as to avoid what happened in 2005 be repeated.
It is misleading to say that the hajj commission is still waiting for official communications from the Saudi Authorities. The cancellation of hajj 2020  was communicated to all concerned in March 2020 by the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah. The disappointment that those wanting to perform this year hajj is not enough. Let these pay further compound their problems by refusing to give back their deposits.
From:  frustrated pilgrims.
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