Lamin Darboe was hired on probation on July 9th, 2014, as an Executive Secretary of the National Youth Council (NYC), Freedom Newspaper investigations have revealed. He was hired during dictator Yahya Jammeh’s rule. Prior to his appointment,  Lamin Darboe,  had served as NYC Program Manager.

Darboe’s appointment was never confirmed during Jammeh’s rule. He continued his six months probationary hire until the change of government in December of 2016.

When the United Democratic Party (UDP) led government came in, with Adama Barrow serving as President, Lamin Darboe’s job was guaranteed. He was not evaluated even though his six months’ probation as an acting Executive Secretary had long expired. He was allocated a brand-new car and allowed to stay on the job.


Per Gambia’s National Youth Council Act of 2000, the Minister of Youth and Sports has been empowered by law to appoint an Executive Secretary for the NYC. The 2000 Act also states that the Secretary of State (Minister) in consultation with the Council shall appoint the Executive Secretary for a term of five years, which may be renewed.

The Secretary of State (Minister) is also empowered not to renew the said five years contractual appointment if sustainable evidence is available to suggest that the occupant of the post is involved in partisan politics, has been convicted on felonious crimes or is medically confirmed to be mentally unstable to carry out his assigned job.

It should be noted that Lamin Darboe has not been confirmed  as NYC Executive Secretary. His term would have expired in 2019, provided that he was confirmed by the previous Jammeh government.

Darboe’s continued presence at the NYC, was not only unconstitutional, but to insult to injury, he continued to occupy that important office on probation without any formal confirmation of his appointment.

The aforementioned illegality can be attributed to the lack of check and balances in the past Jammeh dictatorship. The new administration hasn’t done its job as required. If it had, Lamin Darboe wouldn’t be allowed to continue to occupy that post without his probationary file being reviewed.

I have noticed that the UDP camp, including some civil rights activists, have rallied support behind Lamin Darboe. They have accused the Barrow administration of illegally removing Darboe. Some even claimed that Darboe was removed because he had been suspected as a UDP supporter.

Lamin Darboe should be honest with his new fan base and speak the truth. His appointment letter dated July 9th, 2014 stated that he was hired on a six months probation. He was never confirmed for the job of an Executive Secretary.

Lamin Darboe was not fired by President Barrow. The President has no constitutional powers to remove Darboe. That power lies in the hands of the Sports Minister.

Madi Jobarteh and his folks should stop the misquotation of the constitution.

If Lamin Darboe was not removed, he would have served six years in that post this coming July.

The Barrow government is legally required to enforce the dictates of the law. It is wrong to allow Darboe to stay on that post for over five years without been evaluated. The law has been broken.

The Youth and Sports Minister is the only one, who can explain why Lamin Darboe was removed. We will not be surprised if he should cite the above-mentioned violations of the law to justify Darboe’s removal. We rest our case!

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