Slight rectification Mr Dida Halake’s article on your Website


Greetings Mr Mbai.

I write on behalf of the National Human Rights Commission to kindly bring some rectification on My Dida Halake’s post – Madi Jobarteh Makes The Case For Gay Rights!The Republic, Democracy And (Gay)Rights in his introduction.

We do not know how to reach Mr Halake and thought you would be kind enough to convey to him or make the correction yourself.

  1. It should be noted that Mr Madi Joberteh is NEITHER a Commissioner NOR a staff of the National Human Rights Commission.
  2. In our 2019 Annual Report, the Commission, in its assessment of the state of human rights in The Gambia and on the related issue about LGBTQ mentioned in that report, does NOT advocate for the Decriminalization of Homosexuality.

We have an electronic copy of the 2019 Annual Report for your reference.

Having created a widely read online paper and having played a very critical role in sharing information with the world, we would be most delighted if you can help share the matters in our reports, especially the part on the state of Human Rights in The Gambia, to help people understand our report.

Thank you very much for the anticipated cooperation from you and your team.

Cherno Omar Barry

Executive Secretary

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