BLM Supporters Protest In Front Of US Embassy


Barely 48 hours after the US Congress passed the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act, campaigners staged today a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest in front of the American embassy, located along Kairaba Avenue. They called on the Trump administration to combat systemic racism and put an end to Police brutality meted on Black and Brown people.

The protesters who showed up made their voice heardbas they chanted “Black Lives Matter”, “Stop Killing Us”. They also stood with visible signs denouncing racism and police killings, prompting the US Embassy deputy head of mission to step out and speak to them.
Speaking to journalists, civil society activist Madi Jobarteh, who also doubles as one the iniators of the BLM protest, painted a devastating picture of how Black people have been enduring racial discrimination and Police violence in America, citing the cases of George Floyd and Momodou Lamin Sisay, son of retired Gambians diplomat.
Jobarteh went further to call out China, Saudi Arabia, and European countries where Africans are often confronted with racism and other forms of humiliating treatments. He then took a swipe at Gambian authorities, clearly stating that Black lives in The Gambia need protection.
“We don’t need Police brutality,” he voiced out.
Prior to receiving the petition, the US Embassy Deputy Head of Mission, Shelly Seaver, acknowledged the fact that in vibrant democracies, protests are important.
She renewed US commitment to upholding the basic tenets of justice and human rights.
“We know we are not perfect but we will strive to do better,” she assured.
Following the handing over of the petition calling on US to make sure justice prevail in the Police killings and address the issue of systemic racism, the protesters took a knee in solidarity with their American counterparts…
Written by Abdoulie John
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