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I have an update on our situation and I would like to share it with you.

Following the announcement of the Amat Bah minister of tourism and culture for GtBoard Staff to stay at home for six months and be paid 50% salary across the board effective 1st June, 2020, Staff were handed the communique on   Friday 12 June, 2020 and the letter was back dated to 29th May 2020.

Following this, some staff visited the minister and told him that Gtboard staff were angry with him and didn’t know what they did to him to take this decision. Amat Bah was forced to meet with the staff to justify his action. Amat Bah requested for a meeting with all staff of the board and he justified in the meeting by saying that Gtboard staff are to sacrifice their salary in solidarity with the hotel industry and that the money they will be saving from this, would be used to market the destination after the pandemic. Can you imagine?
Now that the new acting director has implemented what he wants, now as they due to the exigencies of the work, some staff are being recalled on full time Normal operations and will be paid full salary (100%) each month effective 29th June, 2020.

The staff of the acting director are all recalled, staff of the finance department r all recalled except the admin staff, staff of the director general’s office r all recalled, some from the marketing department, some from product development investment and culture.

Does that mean that all other staff are not important?

Why should some staff be recalled and be paid full salary whilst the acting director and all other remain on half salary n half schedule? So lame a decision from the Amat Bah, Cordu Jabang wife of Director of Finance Gtboard Ousainou Senghore and the acting director Abubacarr Camara who is also the director of the quality department.

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