Tida Baba Jobe is Right About the Trust Bank Payment to Yahya Jammeh


Tida Baba Jobe is Right About the Trust Bank Payment to Yahya Jammeh

Written by Ebou Ngum in Canal Winchester Ohio

I watched the explosive testimony of Tida Baba Jobe at the TRRC, and I cannot frankly imagine the sadness and sense of pity I had for the poor sister. The Gambia is my country, no matter what. I was born and raised in the Gambia, and irrespective of being a United States Citizen, I will always love the country and its people.

The part of Tida’s story that caught my attention was the payment made to Yahya Jammeh regarding the then Trust Bank occupied property at Soma.  As far as I know, the property at the time was leased from Baba Kajali Jobe, not Yahya Jammeh. I know that Pa Bojang came to the Bank asking about some payment due to Yahya Jammeh for the Soma property.  I did not see Amadou Samba on that occasion, so yes, he might have gone to the directly to the MD’s office with Pa Bojang, who was directed to come to admin to claim the payment.

I know for sure that I wrote the memo to effect payment to Yahya Jammeh upon receiving directives from my boss at the time. Pa Bojang waited for that check (cheque), and he left with it nice and easy. I have never witnessed a payment processed at the flash of a second such as that one. So, for Tida Baba Jobe to state that the MD at the time told her Baba Jobe has no money with the bank and that the rent for the Soma property was paid to Yahya Jammeh is a fact. I know the news she received from the then MD was a bummer, but that was what transpired with the rental payment.

Yahya Jammeh did nothing but to inflict hardship and so much suffering on the lives of so many Gambians. I remembered very well when Baba Jobe died, I wrote a story under a fictitious name entitled “Jammeh the Widow Maker,” and this was published on this same medium. Unfortunately, under Yahya Jammeh’s rule, Tida Baba Jobe and so many others were made a widow or lost a family member for no reason. Yahya Jammeh remained in power for 22 years because he had the liberty to play with the Gambian people’s money. Of course, this was made possible through the help of many cohorts that assisted him to launder cash out of the Gambia easily or quickly converted the same for other lousy purposes in the country. The Yahya Jammeh doctored Presidential Alternative Treatment Program was a case in point.

The sad part of all this is that Yahya Jammeh is gone, but the wounds inflicted on so many Gambian families would not just heal quickly. Tida Baba Jobe’s closing remarks at the TRRC said it all.

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