An Open Letter To President Adama Barrow


An Open Letter To President Adama Barrow

By Saidina Alieu Jarjou

Mr. President, I hope you are keeping safe in these trying times of COVID-19 we are confronted with. It has been a while since I sent you an open letter. Today as I pen this open letter I am in tears and disappointment. I am not in the position to tell what lies ahead of us as a nation, but I pray for the new Gambia and I pray you shall not take us back to propaganda that kept former President Yaya Jammeh in power for 22 years.  I hope you shall not jail us for standing up for what we believe in and holding public offices specifically yours accountable.  Also, I would like to believe you shall not divide our motherland by region, tribe, or political affiliation, but that you shall bring us together as Gambians who will work for a common goal.

However, by now I would have thought that you have mastered the model of leadership and governance in the 21st Century. Unfortunately, a day has never passed without hearing a mess, scandal being alleged by your administration.

Mr. President in December 2016 Gambians went to the polls to elect you with the hope that you will lead us to the promised land. By transforming The Gambia to a place that will one day be the last place of hope on earth where those in the diaspora will be proud to call home. Surprisingly, this dream is never closed to being a reality and it has been agony on earth for many people like me who voted for you 3 years ago.

Mr. President, you will be surprised to know that many young people have lost hope in your leadership and administration. Which I believe has to do with your lack of focus by creating a conducive environment, notably access to jobs for self-sufficiency.

Fast-forward to three years of your leadership corruption has dominated the most public discussion, how does it feel to see patients are sharing beds at the Hospitals? How does it feel when a farmer in Bollibanna cannot take their children to school because the farming production has collapsed? I can go on and on till next year.

Please note that Holmes (2006), argued that incidents of corruption have led to the collapse of governments in several established democracies. In turn, one of the most important factors affecting satisfaction with government performance is corruption. Which your administration is a victim.

Finally, I considered an alternative situation to end corruption which is one of the barriers to our development as a nation. That is, by arresting and prosecuting officials who are found guilty of such an ungodly action and behavior.

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