I like Baa Tambadou – Since He Left Office!

I like Baa Tambadou – Since He Left Office!


Editor Mbai,

With enemies like Rambo Jatta and Momodou Sabally, no one can fail to like Baa Tambadou at this point! Surely for those two to attack Baa Tambadou so ferociously there must be some good in him? Rambo Jatta is holding fort for the Looter-in-Chief and Momodou Sabally was ADC to the Looter-in-Chief, so we know why they are both attacking Baa Tambadou.

For myself, I have to say that I had misgivings about Baa Tambadou because of the manner in which he was parachuted into the AG’s post. His brother Sheriff Tambadou administered the Oath of Office to President-Elect Barrow – and it seemed as if the quid-pro-quo was that his brother should be Attorney-General. That had a bad smell of nepotism about it.

There is also the bad feeling about “UN appointees” coming back to New Gambia and favouring each other: Baa Tambadou was joined by his former Arusha Tribunal boss, the Venerable Hassan B. Jallow as Chief Justice, and Baa also brought in that young girl, his former colleague at ICC to be TRRC Deputy Lead Counsel. I am sure that others will know of many more examples. This all stunk of favouritism by the “UN/International Appointments Elite”. I think ICC’s Fatou Bensouda also gave Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow a lucrative ICC contract – while he was Chief Justice! Will Hassan B Jallow in return be recommending Fatou Bensouda to become The Gambia’s next Chief Justice? It all becomes a revolving door of favouritism. 

New Gambia should have started off by establishing fairness and equal opportunities for all its sons and daughters. More so for those who remained in The Gambia throughout Jammeh’s terror and worked to help their fellow citizens.

If that were the case, I thought that the truly brave and indefatigable Lawyer Lamin S. Camara, who, for 20 years, had represented so many people suffering from Jammeh’s oppression, would have been considered for New Gambia’s first Attorney General. Dawda A. Jallow is, from that point of view, a welcome appointment as the new Attorney General.

To conclude, I think that Baa Tambadou’s lasting achievement is the establishment of the National Human Rights Commission – and, if adopted, the new 2020 Draft Constitution. I think the freeing of Jammeh’s self-confessed murderous Jungulars (and the attempt to free Yankuba Touray – thwarted by Judge Jaiteh) will be seen as Baa’s worst decisions.

Nevertheless, I wish Baa Tambadou all the best in his new UN job (and no, I do not need a job!).

Dida Halake.

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