OPINION: Baa’s Resignation- Yaya Jammeh Has Now Been Made A Victim And Baa Tambadou Is The Villain


Dear Pa,

“The draft constitution was gazetted without amendment”. For me, this was the biggest takeaway from the statement made by Baa Tambadou in front of the media. In addition, he also gave the assurances that justice ‘will be served’ for the victims of the past regime. Because of his determination to pursue justice for Jammeh’s long forgotten victims, I am totally behind him.
If the draft constitution was passed for scrutiny to the NA without the executive secretly inserting or removing those provisions that will serve their vested political interests, all credit must go to the outgoing Justice Minister’s stance to make sure that the right thing is done even with his colleagues in cabinet have taken a different position about it.
I take solace from the fact that Baa’s new role will give him the unique opportunity to pursue Yaya Jammeh who trampled on the rights of innocent people for too long and think he can get away with murder, extrajudicial killings, rape and disappearance with impunity. His recent achievements at the UN Courts in bringing justice to the Rohinga people, have given us hope that he would live out his pledges to bring Africa’s worst dictator to court. Unlike his former boss now heading the ICC’s prosecution team at the Hague, Baa will definitely live up to expectation. He has made his vow and I truly believe him that one day Babilli Mansa will ‘have his day in court’.
We are looking forward to that day when justice will be served. This is the reason why many of Jammeh’s supporters are becoming frustrated and ready to tarnish his image as one of key members of the Barrow’s government ready to hold the former exiled president accountable for his 22-year reign of terror. Because of this Yaya Jammeh is now made a victim and Baa is perceived as villain by most of the former dictator’s sympathisers. One thing is certain though, Adama Barrow has lost one of his strongest pillars in his cabinet. Jammeh and his supporters can never make him win elections in the Gambia!
A Concerned Citizen
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