Are the UDP supporters working with Sierra Leonean(s) To Spread Fake News?

Now that their latest fake news propaganda on the unfounded arrest of the two Gambian migrants in Kuwait, has been debunked, it is imperative to examine the motive(s) behind their WhatsApp hit piece.

It is important to note that the fake news about the arrest of the two ladies: Ndey Cham and Fatou Ceesay, came from a Sierra Leonean national. The so called “Bayo News network”, a UDP affiliate, and a Darboe supporter, ran the story.


The fake news was circulated in Gambian social media networks especially Whatsapp and Facebook. They have spread lies against innocent Gambian migrants.

It is also important to note that the UDP supporters were posted in Gambian foreign missions overseas when their party leader Ousainou Darboe was the Foreign Minister.They formed the majority of the appointees in the Foreign Service.

Despite Barrow’s recent purging of the UDP supporters in the foreign service, there are still some Darboe supporters, claiming to be Barrrow supporters in the foreign service.

That said, one of the ladies, who was reported to have been arrested Ndey Cham, said the leaked pictures circulated on Whatsapp was sent to The Gambian Embassy in Saudi Arabia. She said she doesn’t think that the Embassy staffers would leak their pictures. Only God can tell.

It is cheap for the UDP supporters to run with a fake story just because they had fallen out with Barrow. It is also wrong for anyone to use a Sierra Leonean national to spread fake news about our two Gambian sisters.

A similar fake news was spread about Pa Nderry M’Bai, when Saikou Saidily, a former Freedom Radio contributor, had left Freedom Radio to join the UDP. A translated MP3 word voice file was read by a Caucasian and was circulated on Whatsapp to disparage the reputation of Pa Nderry M’Bai. That was a cheap shot! Lol!!!

Some Gambians are abusing Whatsapp. Any idiot can broadcast fake news anytime he, or she wants. Some are using Whatsapp to spread hate speech.

If we had not aired Ndey Cham’s version of the fake Whatsapp news, many would have concluded that the story was  true. Freedom Newspaper is here to keep the liars, thieves and cyber criminals honest.

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