Government wants to extend SoPE to another 45: Is there any need for that when Barrow’s party NPP does not respect the regulations?

I am disappointed in the segregation played by the government and the police in particular which is responsible for enforcing the State of Public Emergency regulations. Barrow’s NPP supporters are deliberately campaigning and grouping in large numbers in the Kombos all these days and the police did not stop them and have not said anything about it. The latest event organized is today at Old Yundum in their Yaye Kompin’s compound.

If another party had done this , the police would have arrested them and will claim that these people are violating the SoPE regulations and have no permit. The NPP has no permit to organize gatherings amid the COVID-19 pandemic. All political events were stopped and even the IEC and the Inter-Party Committee should address this issue. Rule for one is rule for all and if the NPP cannot respect the rules and stop the campaign, the Members of Parliament should reject any bill for extension of a state of public emergency to another 45 days. NPP must play by the rules or be sanctioned immediately.


MC Cham Jnr

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