HRW Expert Predicts ‘Year Full Of Challenges’ For Gambia

In wake of the appointment of a new Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Dawda Jallow, Human Rights Watch (HRW) expert Reed Brody has lifted a corner of the veil on what the future might be for Gambia. As authorities are pushing for major constitutional and institutional reforms, the renowned campaigner announced that the coming year is going to be pivotal for the country.
“The next year is full of challenges, including the campaign on the new constitution, security sector reform and the delicate decision on how and where to prosecute those fingered by the truth commission,” Reed Brody told this medium during an exclusive interview.
The tiny West African nation is transitioning from dictatorship to democracy, and the new government has vowed to right the wrong of the past. Initiated by the Ministry of Justice, a series of legal, political, cultural, and economic reforms are gradually taking shape, and are expected to irremediably put Gambia into the path of democracy.
President Adama Barrow has bestowed his confidence on lawyer Dawda Jallow, and expectations are high that the newly appointed Minister will keep up the momentum around the challenges facing New Gambia.
Reed Brody warned that lawyer Dawda Jallow will have to display persistent attention to the job and a certain degree of independence to be able to carry out his ministerial responsibility.
“The new minister will need to display the same independence and the same commitment to justice as Tambadou if Gambia is to meet those challenges,” he said.
Written by Abdoulie John
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