Madi Jobarteh Charged! Blame Baa, Ebrima Sillah And DA Jawo!

Editor Mbai,

My Gambian in-laws are the most hypocritical people in the world!


They all rightly attacked dictator Jammeh for the “False Publication” law – and the whole world supported them.

Then Jammeh was kicked out and first veteran journalist DA Jawo became New Gambia’s first Information Minister. He left and left the “False Publication” law intact.

Veteran Human Rights Lawyer Baa Tambadou became New Gambia’s first Attorney General and he worked hard to give The Gambia a new Constitution (and even a repeal of the law that banned Skin Bleaching which is going through parliament as we speak). Baa resigned after three years six months … and left the “False Publication” law intact.

The veteran Jammeh-victim Gambian and BBC journalist Ebrima Sillah became the next Information Minister after DA Jawo resigned some two years ago … and the “False Information” law remains intact. And so …

That Yahya Jammeh False Information law today grabs Madi Jobarteh as its first victim of the Barrow Era and The Gambia’s journalists become terrified again …

Thanks to Baa Tambadou, DA Jawo and Ebrima Sillah.

Deyda Hydara and the False Publication Law

This law was the last thing I discussed with Deyda Hydara (RiP) in November 2004. He was completely against the False Publication law … and I agreed with him. I was for a non-criminal defamation law … but he disagreed with this too. I came back with a group of 20 people to build Kotu Senior School’s Library and continue my discussion with Deyda … but he was shot and killed the night we were packing our bags to catch the morning flight from London to The Gambia.

How can the False Publication law that Deyda Hydara fought so hard against, and which cost him his very life, have remained on New Gambia’s law books for the last three years?

Thanks again to Baa Tambadou, DA Jawo and Ebrima Sillah.

Gambians never ceases to surprise.

Dida Halake.

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