Opinion: Ten Months of Alpha Robinson’s Leadership – MD Robinson “Hamut Dara”


Ten Months of Alpha Robinson’s Leadership – MD Robinson “Hamut Dara”

We have never seen this kind of leadership style coming and nobody could have predicted what kind of excess baggage Robinson would have brought into NAWEC. You see, Alpha Robinson is a very disruptive guy – that is negatively disruptive, and he doesn’t seem to know the left or right of management and has not regard for established due processes. We don’t know how management theorist would define his style of leadership. Dr Fannah at UTG should undertake a case study on his management style or else Dr Sidibeh should be engaged to do a psycho-social evaluation of MD Robinson. The guy is just abnormal.


Recent actions or inactions undertaken by MD Robinson just confirms our believe that Alpha Robinson “hamut dara, tehdu nangou janga.

This is going to be a four parts series from the KanyelengGroup.

Sit, relax and enjoy.

Ten Months of Alpha Robinson’s Leadership – MD Robinson “Hamut Dara” – Part One

Recruitment of New Personnel

In this part one, we will talk about personal issues and we will deal with other issues in our subsequent articles.

MD Robinson recruited few personnel since he assumes leadership of NAWEC, and all appointments seems to have one or two issues.

The first person he brought in was Ms Jainaba Faal, a full-time staff of MOFEA. She has to quickly leave after it was getting too overwhelming on her to handle two full time jobs, and beside MOFEA was closing on, on her, on this illegal action. Instead of hiring young enthusiastic Gambian to fill the position after making advertisement for the position, he went on and hired, a retired Grandfather Mr. Tijan Jobe, who is known to be corrupt to the core as manifested by his recent action at NAWEC. This can also be verified from his former workplaces.

The next hiring is John Jatta. You may remember John as the guy who was elevated to fill the post of DMD after Nani Juwara was briefly moved to Gampetroleum or is it GNPC, courtesy of Ms Fatou Ceesay of FAAB, and one Abdoulie Darboe. He did not last as the DMD and had to resign when he was asked to vacate the post following the return of Nani. Now John was hired as an Expert in Energy. The management is still waiting to get a copy of his expert report since his engagement. Where is the Value for Money (VfM) as MD Robinson is fun of asking? John even accompanied him (MD) to Turkey after he was invited by Karpower insisting that he will not travel to Turkey unless Expert John is included in the trip. MD Robinson did not travel with any of his directors. MD Robinson has at one time, been clearly told, by the board to regularise the appointment of John or to disengage him, but MD does not care. John is still been paid by NAWEC despite the expiration of his contract. Likewise, for My Tijan Jobewhose contract has also expired, but is still been paid.

The most recent hire is Gallo Saidy for the Water Division supposedly to be head of the Water Supply Division or as a consultant. Nobody knows Gallo’s designation. Gallo was at one time a staff of NAWEC but left some ten years ago to hustle in Europe, some say he ended up in New Zealand. What makes this appointment a little odd is that the Water Supply Division already has a Director in the person of AlagieDibba. Now one may ask, who the head of the Department is. There is chaos in there with Alagie and Gallo playing some heavy balancing act, to avoid colliding on each other so that MD Robinson would get his way of divide and rule tactics.

The funniest and silliest of all was the hiring of a personal driver to MD Robinson. When he came newly and was allocated a vehicle and a driver, he insisted that he does not need a driver. Later he went out for his break only to come back with a boy driving him and instructed Human Resource to appoint the guy as his personal driver, just like that. To also add, he is using a very expensive brand new vehicle that was recently bought by NAWEC, after refusing to use the vehicle that was handed over to him by the former MD. That vehicle was bought under the previous MD and reserved for high profile guest of NAWEC such as the World Bank Staff or in rare cases to take very senior management staff to Dakar if the need arises. And this is after he scolded Alagie Dibba of the Water division for purchasing an expensive car for himself as the Project Coordinator of the Water Supply Project that is been financed by the EXIM Bank of India.

Late last year, some very Senior Positions were advertised in the papers and on the Internet. Some few candidates applied and MD Robinson single handedly did the shortlisting and also did the interviews in his office. Normally what obtains at NAWEC, is that the short listing and interviews are delegated to a Recruitment Committee, chaired by a Human Resource Personnel, but MD Robinson does not know this basic common-sense internal procedure. Now to whom is he going to send his report and recommendation? Not to the Board, because they will definitely want to know the members of the recruitment committee and I believe they will not accept a report from a one-man committee. But hey, Alpha Robinson being who he is may just go ahead and hire his preferred candidates and issue them appointment letters to start work with NAWEC either on Contract, just like he did in the cases of Tijan Jobe, John Jatta and Gallo Saidy or permanently. After all, Ms Maimuna John can easily facilitate this for him being the new “Group” HR Director.

The other issue is the outrageous decision to re-assign PatehSowe as the COO – Electricity. Mr Pateh Sowe of the Transmission and Distribution Department was elevated to the newly “created” post of Chief Operating Officer (COO) for Electricity, a position created as part of the nonsensical recommendation by AZOROM, who are advising NAWEC on a restructuring program finance by the World Bank. This is rather unfortunate as Mr Sowe is just a mere HND holder in Electrical Engineering from a third-grade institute in Ghana. Mr Sowe started very late in the Engineering field having first worked as an Accountant somewhere else before joining NAWEC. He does not have the capacity to lead a team of Cable Jointers talk less of heading the whole electricity supply unit of NAWEC which includes Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution along with the expanded role of the COO to also handle other aspects of the electricity business which will include Finance, Planning, Procurement, Project Management etc.

As part of the restructuring, MD Robinson with advise from AZOROM is moving staff around, some to department they have never worked under, others seem to have been given less prominent roles, yet, others to positions they definitely does not have the capacity to handle. It is all chaos men. No wonder this has not taken effect. Also note that MD Robinson is always touting about this restructuring program as being in high gear and that NAWEC will change the way it is doing business, even talking about a performance contract with government, but to  the truth, nothing is happening. MD Robinson is clueless. Azorom, the promoter of this restructuring program has just disappeared into thin air.

Also related to this restructuring program is the issue of remuneration for the staff which turned out to be a big insult to the rest of the NAWE staff. MD Robinson was all over QTV talking about some salary increment of 10% to all NAWEC staff, which will be paid effective June with a draw back for the past five months. We know that many staff are very much delighted and happy about this marginal increase on their salaries which amounted to between Seven to Nine Hundred Dalasi on a monthly basis, but they should wait until they hear how much MD Robinson is paying himself and some so call Group Directors of the Company. We are aware that this category of staff is each paid a drawback of Five hundred thousand Dalasi (Half a million Dalasi) and a payment of a hundred thousand on a monthly basis going forward. And this is after the recommendation for promotion of staff on other categories have being rejected sighting the lack of funds as the main reason. Is this not outrageous and deliberately unfair.

Government, the board and other stake holders should urgently intervene in this outrageous and unfair salary increases before they will get a staff revolt. They should ask MD Robinson to stop the salary increases for the Group Directors until the restructuring program is completed for all categories of staff and thereafter increase salaries for affected staff if need be, or if the restructuring program would not proceed any further, he be advised to abandon the whole idea.

The Kanyeleng Group

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