Opinion: The False Imprisonment of Madi Jobateh

The False Imprisonment of Madi Jobateh
By Momodou Ndow
Typical! When their lies and empty promises start catching up with them, that’s when the orders will start coming from high up (where ever the hell that is) to arrest and intimidate citizens for asking legitimate questions. And this is precisely what happened in the case of Madi Jobarteh.
So Deputy Commissioner Pateh Bah,  kidnapped Madi and demanded for him to shed light on his comments that the Government did not do enough to ensure justice for the late Haruna Jatta, Ousman Darboe and Kebba Secka. How do you shed light on something that’s already clear as daylight? As if Madi’s statement was ambiguous. In Mr. Bah’s mind, he thought the statement was unfair to the police because Madi did not know what was going on in the background. But that’s not Madi’s problem! Isn’t that the job of the police to update the public regarding the status of the investigation?
According to Madi, he  asked Bah to tell him which court or which suspect is standing trial for the murder of Haruna Jatta and Ousman Darboe? And he also reminded Bah that it is one year now since Kebba Secka was killed yet until now the case is not concluded. What is unfair about that? As things stand now, these are not just Madi’s opinions, they are facts until the government shows otherwise. Facts do change, so let the government change the facts regarding the statements made by Madi. All they have to do is to refute them, simply!
But instead of publicly refuting Madi’s statements, Bah decided to abuse his power by falsely charging Madi for “false publication and broadcasting”. For something to be false, it has to be untrue, but that is not the case here. For Madi’s statements to be false, Bah needs to publicly refute it with evidence showing us which court or which suspect is standing trial for the murder of Haruna Jatta and Ousman Darboe. If not, the charges are manufactured for the sole purpose of intimidation! I guess because Madi is vigilant and outspoken, they probably think they can harass and intimidate him, and that will set an example for others. Well, Big mistake! We are not returning fofu nonu, Goloh Island.
This government needs to get serious and cut the BS! The fight was too long and too hard! We are only moving forward. And in this new journey, rights will be respected wala sabarr bi tass! The government should immediately drop the manufactured charges against Madi Jobateh and publicly apologize for their bad behavior and useless intimidation tactics. It will not work, period!
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