The expelled Brikama Area Council (BAC) Chairman Sheriffo Sonko has coined a new name for the United Democratic Party (UDP) under the leadership of dictator Ousainou Darboe, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. The UDP new name, according to Sonko, is: The United Destructive Party. Sonko has also described Ousainou Darboe as “as an unworthy leader” who should not be followed by any serious person, talk less voters.








Reacting to his expulsion from the UDP, in a conversation with Baboucarr Bahoum of the National People’s Party (NPP), Sonko laughed off the UDP decision saying: “It is very foolish and childish. The people of West Coast Region have the mandate to recall me, if they feel that I am not doing what I have been elected to do. The United Democratic Party, or the United Destructive Party cannot decide for the people of West Coast Region.”

Sonko maintains that it is only the people of West Coast region who can remove him from his position and not the United Destructive Party, as he jokingly called it.

He has accused Ousainou Darboe of playing “double standards” after he (Darboe) had fallen out with President Barrow. He says it was Darboe, who advised them to support President Barrow’s National Development Plan, only for Darboe to rescind his call after losing his high position cabinet Vice President post.

He reminded Darboe and the UDP that he has a job to do for his electorate in the West Coast Region. He say he has no time for any distraction coming from the UDP destructive party.

“The people of West Coast region have spoken in April and on the 16th of May 2018, I was sworn in. I swore by the Quran, and to the constitution of The Gambia and the local government Act, which mandated me to support the legally elected President of The Gambia, who was the same party member with me. I call their decision to expel me, as foolish and childish. It is foolish and very childish,” he said.

“The UDP party leader, is somebody, who is not worthy of following; he tells us to follow and support the National Development Plan (NDP), I never go against my leader’s advice, I never go against my leader’s wish. He asked us to support the President on his National Development Plan. So, your personal relationship with the President, when it is fragile will not cause me, and you would not use me as your personal tool to go against that innocent President Adama Barrow. He was a party member. When he resigned officially, the party leader advised us to support him,” he added.

Sonko says he wouldn’t allow anyone to bully him to renounce his support for the government’s NDP program.

“I don’t have two tongues in my mouth. I have one tongue. I believe in one decision, that is the decision I made, that I support the President in his National Development plan and agenda. And Baboucarr Bahoum, no person, including you Baboucarr Bahoum cannot do nothing about it. No thunderstorm, no difficulties, no hardship can cause me to say Adama Barrow, I am not going to support you. I am supporting him wilfully. No one is forcing me because I have not seen no fault in him.”

The BAC Chairman also took a swipe at Almami Taal, the UDP spokesman. He rubbished Taal’s alleged claims that he (Sonko) had failed to deliver the wishes and the aspirations of the West Coast region.

“That is a lie. It is unfounded. The people of West Coast know their right. The law allows them to recall me, if they feel that I am not doing my job as required. It is just a UDP agenda. They don’t want me,” he said.

Sonko has accused Almami Taal of lying against him. He said the voters in West Coast haven’t expressed any dissatisfaction with his job.

According to Sonko, Taal was fired as a judge because of his inability to meet the expectations of the former Jammeh regime.

“If Yahya Jammeh had not sacked him from his job, he would have been a Jammeh supporter until the 2016 elections. He was sacked because of his unprofessionalism, that is why Yahya Jammeh fired him. He didn’t know how to do his job. Yahya Jammeh will not take any hypocrite on board. You must support him or get off. That’s what Yahya Jammeh did to him,” he alleged.

Sonko says Taal is doing more harm than good to the UDP. He branded Taal as an ungrateful person, who has allegedly made false claims about him.

Taal could not be reached for his own side of the story.

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