On Abdication and Dereliction of Duty: Letter to Former Attorney General Baa Tambadou (Part 2)


On Abdication and Dereliction of Duty: Letter to Former Attorney General Baa Tambadou (Part 2)

Baa Tambadou, just like the classic parasitic lone striker who feeds on the sweat of the team’s defenders and midfielders, you read the game well, stood clean off the messy situation and struck the winning goal like Manchester United’s wizard, Ruud van Nistelrooy. 

The only glitch here is that this game has still got a few minutes to the final whistle. So you have not won yet Baa Tambadou. And while you gloat and thump your chest, the credit for whatever semblance of muddied glory extant in this situation doesn’t belong to you. The game was planned and the execution well envisaged by the coalition partners well before you appeared on the scene from your shady bench where you were hiding all along because of the fear of Yahya Jammeh. But now that the “lion is dead” as your partner in crime Adama Barrow would put it, anyone can take credit for the supposed winning strike.

I have known you to be a master dribbler from your days at Saint Augustine’s High School but I never thought you could dribble a while Nation. You have surely done well for yourself Baa. But trust me, not all Gambians are lazy defenders. You will find this out soon, Inshaa Allah. 

I still cannot understand why you insisted on being the custodian and seller of Yahya Jammeh’s assets when even the shady and unprincipled Finance Minister Mambury Njie advised you against this. Baa Tambedou, it is bad enough that you took a responsibility that was legally out of your mandate; and worse still you never followed due process in your malicious and dubious selling of Jammeh’s assets.

Why would the country pay Augustus Prom 3 percent for a task and then decide to pay Alpha Kapital 10 percent for a similar task? What percentage of the booty did you get out of this Dubois deal?

Reliable information has it that the account where the pronounced D1 billion accrued from the sale of Jammeh’s assets is lodged now has less than 1 percent of this amount as account balance. where is the remaining bulk? Baa Tambadou kodo lay???

We know that you had pronounced the payment of D50 million from these funds towards the reparation costs emanating from the TRRC and I have no qualms about this move. But why would you give the victims D50 million and then  hand over D100 million to your friend for a task that could have been accomplished with the less than half the amount you allocated to the victims? If this callous act of yours is not witchcraft, then no one should be called a witch ever again in this country.

Your record is muddy and no amount of public relations whitewashing will be able to clean it up. Like I said many times before, you and your ilk will never succeed in hoodwinking the masses so long as we are alive. Like the reggae artist Jah Mali chanted, it’s gonna be constant “lightening, brimstone and fire … your evil is taking root, but we are here to expose the truth”.

You have done quite well in running rings around your former boss, the buss driver and he deserves whatever tricks you played on him. From the bad legal advice you gave him consistently to your lackadaisical and lacklustre defence of the State in consequent court cases occasioned by your own advice; you have betrayed President Barrow and the mess you have left behind can never be cleaned up by your successor. 

Baa Tambadou, as if the mountain of a messy legacy you are leaving behind is not enough of a blow against a nation in a chequered transition, you had the temerity to taunt your perceived enemies in your farewell speech. What kind of drunken boneheadedness has befallen you? You are gloating in front of a whole nation that has no sense of direction as to how to tie the loose ends you have left behind in our transitional justice process, ruffling more feathers and further complicating an already messy ordeal.

Move on to your next institutional victim, the corrupt and dodgy UN system, and we wish you good luck in that lazy adventure of a scribe’s job on the carcass of a dead project. But your victory lap has just been messed up by yet another referee’s whistle highlighting another failure on your part. Barely 24 hours after your vainglorious farewell ceremony, The Point Newspaper has reported that your office has lost yet another case and the government of The Gambia has been fined half a million Dalasis to be paid in favour of the Global Home of Medical Mission (Global HOMM). Your tenure as Attorney General and Minister of Justice has been marred with loss after loss at the courts. You could not win a case for your government; what a sad and embarrassing story!

Just like the usual fate of a typical lazy striker, your celebration of a wining goal has just been called out as an offside. Now that is quite a blow against your inflated ego but it is a well deserved recompense. Indeed the great Bard of Avon, the legendary William Shakespeare is right, “the evil that men do lives after them.”

Momodou Sabally 

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