Dear pa,
am one of the head of department in the hotel, pa way back,like some years ago ,this particular staffs of this hotel made a demonstration ,as to demand for their request,since the hotel employ more than 280 staffs, but during that period none of these is a staff, they were given contract ranginging from,casuals ie per day workers, one month contract. and the highest is six months contract, all of the with no benefits, pa, during that demonstration, they demand for eg job security, staffing  ,health care ,ect,ect.
so staffing they mean providing long term contract, eg open contract ,not to sign very month or every six month. in which the hotel agreed to provide 150 permanent staff, but they can start with 100 staff, but that never comes reality, instead they gave it to 50 staffs
and now is 40 staffs .
      On friday ,they were called for a meeting, we the heads of department are not among the permanent staff,,pa all these was cooked by the lebanese and their italian partner, they are the owner. about two years ago these lebanese always complain that they do not like this permanent contract thing, some of their  are the benefits and the job security the staff will get..
so, the lebanese and the italian did not come forward but rather use the general manager and the human resources manager, mr burna njie, marie .during their demostration and demand mr burna njie and the HR none of them were present at that time.
let come to their friday meeting,.their reasons was TERMINATE TOTALLY their services and paid them two months, were as these people worked for more then ten years at this company,,most of their reasons for TERMINATE is not none,the only one mention is the pandemic  in which they all knew about that.and the cost of salaries they paid to this junior permanent staffs, believe me pa this company does not even provides anything for their staff during this period,
pa, these young staffs suggest to them if it is the money you are paying ie in the month of april and may , june. In which they are paying 40% of their salaries which is 1089.69 dalasis. they said to them to even stop that payment so not to TERMINATE their employment and that they can resume to work when season starts.and these people never want that the lebanese.
now the second meeting will be next week, but i will informed you which day. pa anything please your are free to ask, am looking forward, because my juniors staffs needs better treatment,
thank you
By A Department Head
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