The former Gambian President Yahya Jammeh had left two expensive armored hummer trucks behind, when he resettled in Equatorial Guinea back in January of 2017, Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Gambian taxpayers’ money was used to purchase the two hummers from the United States of America. The whereabouts of the two armor plated hummers is unknown.

Armored  hummers are restricted vehicles in the United States. The US controls the sale and importation of such vehicles. Such controls could be attributed to the issue of national security, among other security related issues.

It wasn’t easy for the Jammeh administration to purchase and ship the two armored  hummers from the US to Banjul, according to competent and trusted sources, who are familiar with the the procurement of the two hummers. It was a tough transaction.

The Gambian Embassy in Washington DC even had to engage Congress. Banjul was required to show evidence of proof to explain the rationale behind its interest in the usage of such highly fortified cars. Clearance was later granted for the two hummers to be shipped to The Gambia.

Following the fall of Jammeh from power in December of 2016, Jammeh was allowed to leave with some cars, but the two armored hummers were left behind. Jammeh’s seized assets later ended in the hands of the Barrow’s government.

The former Attorney General Abubacarr Tambadou went to court to seek an injunction to restrain Jammeh from having access to his assets. High Court judge Amina Sarho granted Baa’s request and all Jammeh assets were frozen by the court.

At this time, the Janneh Commission has been constituted through an Act of Parliament. The Commission was tasked to investigate Jammeh and other line Ministries.

At the commencement of the Commission’s sittings, reports later emerged that the new government had started disposing Jammeh’s seized assets.

Now the million-dollar question is: What happened to the two armor plated hummers that Jammeh had left behind? The hummers were bought prior to the African Union Summit that was held in Banjul some years ago.

We call on the Barrow government to come forward and explain the whereabouts of the two hummers. Gambia deserve to know. We rest our case.

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