Gambia: The NAWEC Infighting: MD Robinson’s Defense Team Cries Foul!


The conspiracy to get MD Robinson out to reopen the doors to loot

The Managing Director of The National Water and Electricity NAWEC, Mr. Alpha Robinson who has been controlling the mismanagement of the company has made many enemies since he took over leadership last year. He has become the biggest target of the mafia as he continues to curb down the serious exploitation of NAWEC. You may all be familiar with the serious attacks on MD Robinson through the spreading of propaganda on articles and audio recordings on social media. Let me tell you why the mafia are so desperate to kick Mr. Robinson out of NAWEC.

The conspiration to get MD Robinson kicked out didn’t just start. As soon as the Kabudu realised that Mr. Robinson was here to sort out NAWEC, they all ganged up on him. Last year, Mr. Massry, owner of Castle Oils LTD tried to starve NAWEC of fuel to create disruption so that MD Robinson can be sacked. But the MD continued to stand tall and continued the fight. Then one Matar Saye conspired with Mr. Nyepetu Nanni Juwara and made up stories in an article about MD Robinson on The Freedom Newspaper. The Kabudu, including NAWEC chairman, chairman Yugur Yagarr and The Minister for petroleum and energy- Minister Chapacholi were all in it. Using the article as an excuse, Chairman Yugur Yagar called a board meeting and Chapacholi ran off to report to the President with his bag of lies. The plan was to get MD Robinson out before 2020 end. They failed.

As MD Robinson continues to tighten all doors and windows, the Kabudu are getting hungrier and angrier. As you may have noticed, the kabudu are desperately making all efforts to ensure that Mr. Robinson is sacked so that they can loot money from NAWEC. And this desperation is heightened by the upcoming fuel procurement. Every year NAWEC spends over 1.5 billion dalasis on fuel and presently the fuel procurement which is in hands of independent consultants paid by world bank is opened and all the sharks have sharpen their teeth and are ready to go for the kill. But they know MD Robinson will not allow them. So the campaign to get Robinson out has become a matter of urgency for many sharks. And this campaign is being led by the Chairman of NAWEC board- Chairman Yugur Yagarr and minister Chapacholi under the sponsorship of Hassib Massry who will go to any extend to win the deal to supply NAWEC with fuel.

Minister Chapacholi and Chairman YugurYagarr have their bulldogs and the Chief bulldog is Morr Ndajeh, Momodou Sabally the starving dog with no more free meals. You all are familiar with how Jammeh repeated Pavlov’s experiment on Morr Ndageh right? Jammeh would starve him and then threw him a bone and order him to commit serious crimes, including the insults towards Mandinkas, the looting at the central bank and the last bone he threw him was from Equatorial Guinea, so he can bark APRC Jammeh, APRC Jammeh, APRC Jammeh. Now that he is receiving no bones from Jammeh and has failed to secure a job anywhere in this country, the starving dog is again being thrown a bone by Massry, minister Chapacholi, Chairman Yugur Yagarr and the little that remains of the NAWEC kabudo. This is why Sabally is obsessed with MD Robinson. Every time he writes or speaks bad about him he gets a bone to chew.

As the procurement nears it closure, what remains of the NAWEC Kabudu led by The Chief agitator Mr. Nyepeto Nani Juwara and his right-hand man Alhagie Dibba are stirring to get MD Robinson out of NAWEC. Their plot includes colluding with PURA’s director (who happens to be Mr. Nyepeto’s close friend and a former NAWEC MD) to fine NAWEC. The Kabudu have even formed delegations and visited president Barrow on several occasions to express their dissatisfaction with MD Robinson and pleaded for Barrow to sack him. They went further to tell NAWEC junior staff that they shouldn’t be happy about their recent 10% pay rise because seniors staff pay themselves more. You may wonder why Alagie Dibba is also part of the agitation. MD Robinson is fighting inside deals in NAWEC. Mr. Dibba is the Director for Water and is manging the water project with those big pipes everywhere. The project is called Asbestos Replacement project, funded as credit by the ECIM Bank of India. And what did Mr. Alagie Dibba do? His family formed a company called HydroTech and surprisingly, Hydrotech has a contract with the main contractor of the project, Shapoorji. So he is obviously nervous that MD Robinson will find out about the conflict of interest. Do not forget this is a loan to be paid by Gambian tax payers. MD Robinson should investigate. We will tell you more about NAWEC inside deals.

Gambians this is just a tip of the iceberg and we will bring you more information as to why so many people are fighting to get MD Robinson out of NAWEC. Will they succeed? Hell no, we cannot let them! We will expose them one by one. If they succeed they will take NAWEC back to what it was. The mafia inside led by Nyepeto will get stronger. They will put mediocres, they can manipulate in position of power. They will continue to loot and open the doors for Chapacholi and his team to loot. The Massys, the Mayarr Sayes, the Alhagie Contehs will continue to rip NAWEC off.

We will give you more specific information in the next series of articles.

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