I am withdrawing my support for Gambia Action Party-US BASED GAMBIAN KALILU TOURAY DECLARES


I am withdrawing my support for Gambia Action Party

Pa, I am so disappointed with The leader of The Gambia Action Party (GAP) Musa Batchilly. I don’t know Mr Batchilly personally, I came to like him when he first appeared in an interview with Kerr Fatu or some other media network in the Gambia selling his idea in becoming the next president of the Gambia. I was impressed with his charismatic energy ambition of our small nation.  He got a lot of people liking his ideas because of his good vision, i then immediately start running underground campaign among group of friends, family both here in United States and The Gambia.

To my disappointment, rumors start kicking about his land dealing scam with some sort of making visas, Am like well that might be just his political opponents trying to disarm him from raising. In fact, I was wrong, to make matters worse and complicated, he steps down and handed over the party to another former Dictator Yaya Jammeh enablers. What Mr Batchilly fail to understand is politic is not only sweet words but good moral. He should also understand that he is a public figure, he needs to watch all what he does.

There has been lot of land dealing scam in the Gambia, recently taking innocent people money from them that’s sad and been a leader of political party and involved in such a criminal act, is a typical example telling people how is he going to run the country when he party is voted in power. Based on these evidence, I am withdrawing my support for him.

Kalilu Touray

United States

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