The Standard Newspaper lead story on the APRC forming a political alliance with Barrow’s NPP party, has been rebutted by on Alhagie Jarju. Jarju’s rebuttal was posted on Dodou Jah’s own Facebook page.  Below is the rebuttal.


Chei New Gambia and it’s recent Join-the-lists

Standard Newspaper is the only newspaper in the country whose so called journalists are number one in terms of spreading fake, false and bogus information. The questions asked by that so called journalist were well answered by our articulative Deputy Spokesperson & Secretary, Mr Jah was a lecturer and he was also a supervisor of students taking the English language under the Cambridge University, therefore he knew what he was saying because English language is not his problem. This is just a tip of who our Deputy Spokesperson and Secretary is.

Forming a coalition with Barrow’s NPP/MPP is going to be a betrayal that our party will ever commit in the face of Gambians because betrayed Gambia and mortgage our sovereignty to Senegal and have compromise lots so many things that should have been handled by Gambians to foreigners most especially the Senegalese. He has also shown to Gambians and the whole wide world that he is an incompetent leader who has to wait for his boss for implementation so forming an alley with him and his party is a complete failure and betrayal to The Gambia and Gambians.

We the APRC party have this country at heart and did not have nothing else but this country. The progress, socioeconomic development, infrastructural development, peace and stability of our motherland is our number one priority and we will NEVER compromise this to any other country.

To all our well wishers, supporters and militants stay focus, calmed and NEVER allow to be distracted by those Join-the-lists we have a course to work on and it MUST be accomplished In Saah-Allah because Allah SWT is always with the truthful and we as a party are on the truth path.

Barrow and his government has seized my party’s bank account, vehicles and also the personal properties of Babili Mansa and send his family members out from their compounds through the misguided assistance of the worst Minister of Justice and AG.


By Alhagie Jarju.

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