A Gambian man, who has been accused of raping an eight (8) year old Swedish girl, has been jailed for five years, ( ) a Swedish paper has reported. Ansumana Saidykhan, has also been ordered to pay SEK 170,000 damages to his rape victim. His appeal to overturn the court’s decision has also been rejected, Freedom Newspaper can report. The Swedish court has also ordered for his deportation after his prison term, which has been set of April 9, 2035.

Saidykha was alleged to have raped the young girl at the girl’s family home between December 7, and 9, 2019. The incident happened in Farsta, Stockholm. The school pupil reported the alleged rape to her teacher, which led to Saidykhan’s arrest and subsequent prosecution by Swedish police.

Ansumana Saidykhan is an 83 born. He was married to a Swedish lady, but the couple later filed a divorce.

Saidykhan is an uncle to his alleged rape victim. The child has told the investigators that while she was in the bedroom, Saidykhan, allegedly sneaked into the room and then grabbed her arm, pulled her down, and stripped her naked.

She said she was lying on the bottom of the bunk bed, while her siblings were at the top, when Saidykhan had allegedly raped her. Her night pants were removed from her. She alleged that Ansumana was naked.

Ansumana’s relatives in Sweden were shocked upon hearing the rape allegations. They couldn’t believe the allegations. That Ansumana is a Muslim, and rape wasn’t common in his country of national origin, The Gambia, the paper reported.

A Google translate of the Swedish paper’s reportage revealed that “After the visit to the Social Services, the girl, two social secretaries and her mother went to the hospital. In front of the reception, the girl vomited. She did not want to tell the pediatrician what she had been exposed to, but did a medical examination.”

“The legal certificate shows that the plaintiff at the time of the investigation had a crack in the rectum and back, ie. up to the back which was about 3 cm long and 0.3 mm wide. According to the legal certificate, the crack strongly indicates that it has arisen as a result of a sharp extension of the rectum opening. The sperm spots match,” the paper further reported.

After the police were contacted, the mother was instructed to lock the girl’s bedroom and make sure it was left untouched. The mother also received instructions that the girl’s sheets and bedding should be put into bags.

Ansumana visited Sweden in 2014 when he met a 50-year-old Swedish woman and started a relationship with her. In January 2015, he lived with the woman when he applied for a residence permit in Sweden. In April of that year, Ansumana visited the Swedish embassy in Rome to apply for a residence permit in Sweden because of family ties.

According to his own information, Ansumana had in 2011, for political reasons, been granted a residence permit in Italy.

On October 1, 2016, Ansumana married the Swedish woman. On October 31, 2016, Ansumana was granted a time-limited residence permit, due to family connection. On November 1, 2018, he was granted a permanent residence permit, due to affiliation with the wife. According to the Swedish Tax Agency, the couple divorced on June 22, 2020.

On March 13, 2020 at 11:00 am, charges were brought against Ansumana. The lawsuit states that he was in need of an interpreter in English.
Judgment of the District Court

On April 9, 2020, the District Court of Södertörn announced the verdict.

Ansumana Saidykhan (April 15, 1983), a citizen of The Gambia, was convicted of gross rape against children. The sentence was five years in prison and deportation until April 9, 2035. He will also pay SEK 170,000 in damages to the girl.
Appealed to the High Court

Ansumana pleaded that the High Court would set him free and deny the girl’s damages. In the alternative, he wanted the High Court to change the criminal classification to rape of the normal degree, disqualify the plea of ​​expulsion, or reduce the time for the restraining order, mitigate the sentence and reduce the damages.

The prosecutor and the girl opposed that the district court judgment be changed.

On June 12, 2020, Svea announced the High Court judgment. The district court ruling was upheld.

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