Source: Gambia Dream Website: Is Pa Modou Bojang A Sheep In A Wolf Clothing?


Is Pa Modou Bojang A Sheep In A Wolf Clothing?

Earlier this week Pa Modou Bojang wrote on his Facebook wall that his radio station Home Digital FM 99.9 in Brikama has entered into a six-month contract to use our airtime.


This is an act of being a sheep in a wolf clothing. Look, I don’t have any issues with Pa Modou, he is good at what he does. When it comes to the truth, no one should be shy to tell him.

This is the man who has categorize himself as a committed UDP supporter and 90% of his followers knows that. His platforms received 90% support from UDP supporters. But his recent comment on UDP was outrageous. According to him, UDP is full of hypocrites, but yet still, he couldn’t name anyone who is hypocrite inside UDP party leadership.

If you have issues with one party supporter either inside the leadership or outside the leadership, why would you accused the entire party.

Now how critical he is going to about Barrow and his administration now that they are in business. We all know its business, but how you going to criticize someone bad politics and his deficiency when he is paying your bills. Now you have been labeled by your favorite phrase. SULU SAGIMA( sheep in wolf clothing).

Source: Gambia Dream Website

Meanwhile Sulayman Jeng, a former police officer and a UDP supporter, is in support of Pa Modou’s move to do business with the NPP party.



Pa Modou Bojang has told his galaxy of followers and audience that his nation’s radio belongs to no individual, political party and/or tribe. He reaffirms his impartiality and non-partisan advocacy for justice, good governance, respect for the rule of law and equal opportunities for all irrespective of one’s gender, religion or political affiliation. He made this clear when he sets the records straight on NPP’s Airtime on Home Digital FM Radio.

Addressing his audience on the misconstrued airtime on his celebrated radio bought by NPP, Mr Bojang also discloses the radio’s doors are opened to every politician who either wants to buy an airtime or feature in his most watched and listened to Membekering show. Notwithstanding, he adds if you appear as a guest without buying an airtime, he reserves the right to ask the guest any question he (Pa Modou) wants to asked. However, if the guest buys an airtime then it becomes the guest’s prerogative to select questions to be discussed. This has rose eyebrows in some quarters who hastened to accuse Mr Bojang of been a sellout to President Barrow.

Editor’s note: Barrow’s NPP has bought six months airtime at “Mentekering” radio. UDP supporters said it is over for them. Their outlet is selling out to Barrow. Foday Jawla of the UDP has accused the Mentekering Buju Bantang of selling out. This followed Buju’s failed attempts to solicit donations from his followers. Few weeks ago, he was on air begging for money. The donations are no longer coming. Perhaps the COVID —19 economic meltdown could be blamed for the donation dry up. It is a tough time. Jollof is also not easy. LOL!!! Adou Boy is taking over. It is an hourly weekly show. It would last for six months on Mentekering.

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