Dear Pa,

The leadership of the Gambia Armed Forces has jumped from the frying pan to the fire. Only the lay men in the streets will cherish and welcome the appointment of Yakuba Drammeh who are ignorant of his inefficiency and the lack of know how of how to run the affairs of the country’s number one security apparatus.

If not for the greed and nepotism of the former CDS Kinteh, he is by far ahead of these so-called generals of the army both technically and tactically. You will all bear me witness that the first mode of action right from his date of appointment clearly indicates to everyone that Yakuba Drammeh totally lacks the idea of how to move this army forward. From the endless meeting with sister services and now to diplomats, precisely the various foreign ambassadors justified his inability to make the change.

CDS Drammeh was the board Chairman of the past few officers promotion within the GAF whilst serving as the deputy, we have seen the type and calibre of officers who were claimed to have sat and successfully passed the promotional exam. As if that’s not enough, he has now decided to add salt to an injury by coming up with a very nonsensical and irrational thought of conducting a commissioning course for senior non commissioned officers to be promoted as officers. In his own words, he said these are the people who knew the job and rose through the ranks.

I was personally not surprised by his action, because as the saying goes in the army, once a senior Nco always a senior Nco. This was the guy who rose through the ranks up to the rank of WO2 and to him, anyone who doesn’t rose through that didn’t know the job and is not good officer material. One thing that CDS Drammeh and Gambians should know is, the young elements of the army are no longer taking such issues lightly, and have concluded that no expert or foreign body can remedy the leadership ineptitude within the GAF except a little firefight in order to set the records straight…

From a concern citizen..

Editors note:  The author’s views don’t not represent the position of the Freedom Newspaper.  Thanks for your kind attention.


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