Written by Sulayman Jeng

Naturally, very opposition party aspires to unseat the the ruling party and will do anything within its means to make itself more electable than the incumbency.

UDP gave us Barrow and made us acknowledge that “Barrow is our Barrow come rain come sunshine.” How comes then all of a sudden he is the forbidden fruit for them? They tell us “Barrow is a betrayer”, Barrow has deviated from the NDP”, “Barrow is clueless” and many other laughable misconstrued cock and bull stories.

Let us take a quick walk down memory lane. In an interview with the Standard Newspaper, Hon Darboe remarked, “Even if all others are against Barrow, we will not be against Barrow. After all, Barrow was chosen from among the UDP, so for UDP, Barrow is our Barrow. When I say this, some people get annoyed, but he is our Barrow. We will never abandon our Barrow come rain, come sunshine.” That was when he was in government. At this time, no one was allowed to oppose Barrow and his government despite its limitations. One is therefore left in the labyrinth to wonder why UDP abandoned Barrow now. The only plausible reason is Barrow has his eyes fixated on the President beyond 2021 while UDP was hopeful Barrow would have step down to facilitate Hon Darboe’s easy ascension to the presidency. This is perhaps why they classify Barrow as a “betrayer”.

Furthermore, when Omar Wally asked for Hon Darboe’s position on the 3 and 5 years term for Barrow, Hon Darboe reasoned, “It’s not what I want; it is what the law says. When you [Omar Wally] went to vote, did you elect for three or five years? You voted for the period stipulated by the Constitution.

I don’t know why people are so eager for elections. In 2016, it was the presidential election, in 2017 the parliamentary and in 2018 the local government elections. So they want presidential election again in 2020? I don’t know why we should be so eager for elections.” Clearly, at this juncture, Barrow was prepared to stay on for 5 years. No fuss erupted. But shortly after the UDP and Barrow divorce, hell broke lose and 3 Years Jotna threatened to hold the nation hostage unless Barrow steps down.

This was followed by the tactical alliance to keep party alive for the national assembly elections. Suffice it to say that was the final nail on the Coalition 2016’s coffin. Prior to that, Barrow gave UDP everything but the presidency resulting to people speculating that Hon Darboe was the de-facto president leading behind the curtain.

Yes, Barrow has issues to which he doesn’t pretend otherwise. He is still focused on the NDP as illustrated in the ongoing development projects he is rolling out ranging from road networks to electrification of rural Gambia.

Like the Fulas say, conclusion, to whom everything is give and isn’t content, even if you eat all your stomach will still remain empty.

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