Gambia’s Education Minister, Claudiana Cole, on Sunday laid foundation stone for 25 classroom blocks at Latrikunda Sabiji Upper Basic School. Initiated by a veteran educationalist, the project is to benefit the community in expanding access to education in an area in dire need of learning facilities.

“As I sat here, I was thinking what would have happened to all these wonderful gentlemen if Alhagi Landing Boto Jatta never had the vision of establishing a school in Latrikunda,” the Education Minister said in a statement delivered at the foundation stone laying ceremony.
Students in Latrikunda Sabiji have been going to schools far from home. A situation that continues to be for many observers, a major hurdle that students are confronted with, compelling Latrikunda Sabiji Ex-Students Association to team up with MRC Holland Foundation Gambia to launch a multi-million dalasi project.
“This is what I kept thinking,” she added. “Otherwise, all these potentials would have been lost.”
Additionally, a handout seen by this medium indicates that the project also includes the construction of 25 new toilets, and the renovation of 36 classtoom blocks for Latrikunda Sabiji Lower, Upper and Annex Basic School.
“Perhaps the children themselves would not have been inclined to want to go to school because of the distance,” she emphasized.
As part of efforts to complement government work in the area of education, Henriette Brimmer Sonko, a MRC Holland Foundation Gambia representative, called on the authorities to focus more on rural areas. She then revealed that up to 7000 student escorts in the Lower and Upper section are from rural areas.
“I would have loved providing them all schools in the villages so that they can stay there with their parents,” she voiced out.
For his part, the principal of Latrikunda Sabiji school, Saidou Jallow,  commended the MRC Holland Foundation Gambia for their timely support.
This is the happiest moment of my life, he said. “We have have been struy to deliver quality education to the children that are under our responsibility.”
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